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Glimmerglass (Faeriewalker #1) by Jenna Black

Glimmerglass (Faeriewalker, #1)
Glimmerglass (Faeriewalker #1)
by Jenna Black

5 of 5 stars

It's all she's ever wanted to be, but it couldn't be further from her grasp..

Dana Hathaway doesn't know it yet, but she's in big trouble.  When her alcoholic mom shows up at her voice recital drunk, again, Dana decides she's had enough and runs away to find her mysterious father in Avalon: the only place on Earth where the regular, everyday world and the captivating, magical world of Faerie intersect. But from the moment Dana sets foot in Avalon, everything goes wrong, for it turns out she isn't just an ordinary teenage girl--she's a Faeriewalker, a rare individual who can travel between both worlds, and the only person who can bring magic into the human world and technology into Faerie. 

Soon, Dana finds herself tangled up in a cutthroat game of Fae politics. Someone's trying to kill her, and everyone seems to want something from her, from her new found friends and family to Ethan, the hot Fae guy Dana figures she'll never have a chance with... until she does.  Caught between two worlds, Dana isn't sure where she'll ever fit in and who can be trusted, not to mention if her world will ever be normal again...

My thoughts....

Thought this book was a great read it kept me interested and turning the pages.This book mainly is an introduction to the series to come introduction its players in my opinion.Dana is running from a mother who does nothing but embarrass her and drinks way to much.Learning that here mother left her father in Avalon Dana runs away from home at to Avalon to a father she has never met.Once reaching Avalon Dana is involved in a battle of power who will be the next ruler learning her father is in prison at the time and know one to protect her she is kidnap by her Aunt and pretty much jailed herself then being kidnapped yet again by a brother and sister and brought to another underground compound.Dana there learns by now why she is so special and a so called weapon to the one who wants the power she is known as a Faerie-walker meaning she can walk between both world meaning she can enter realms that other cannot making her a very powerful weapon.Lost in a world where everyone is using her lying to her trying to protect her she doesn't know who to trust she just want to go home where people aren't trying to kill her but, that is impossible now that her father had learned of her and what she can do she needs to be protected and if that is not bad enough she is trying to forge a relationship with a father she never met and he to who never never he had a daughter.The book takes you on one heck of a ride to figure it somewhat out and what she needs to do just to stay alive and finally maybe learn who she can trust.The book also leaves you wondering who might be her love interest through all of this we are just going to have to have to see.Great start to a new series first time author read for me and looking forward to the second book already on order.


Book Review for The Reluctant Vampire (Argeneau #15) by Lynsay Sand

The Reluctant Vampire (Argeneau, #15)The Reluctant Vampire by Lynsay Sands

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Has this immortal finally met her match?

Rogue hunter Drina Argenis (from the Spanish side of the Argeneau family) has been many things in her years as an immortal, but bodyguard/babysitter to a teenage vampire is something new. There's an incentive, however: the other vampsitter, Harper Stoyan, may be Drina's life mate.

Trouble is, having just lost a life mate, Harper is resigned to being alone. He's completely unprepared when sexy and unpredictable Drina bursts into his life to reignite his passions. Can Drina, with a little matchmaking help from their teen charge, tempt this reluctant vampire to take a chance?

Or will a dangerous, unseen renegade kill Drina and Harper's one chance at happiness?

My thoughts............

Wow what a great book .This story had me laughing my butt off right from the beginning with Drina meeting Stephanie she is a new vampire turned and not only that she has exceptional powers and she needs protection as someone is trying to kill or where others want to kidnap her and use her for her powers and there own wicked deeds.Drina is sent to watch over Steph but not only that she knows that she will be meeting her life mate at the same time.But, Harper her supposed life mate has lost his past life mate in the turning and it not even thinking of another so there is a dilemma as he feels nothing but guilt for a dead girl.It won't be easy that is for sure but with Stephanie and her match making skills it going to be easier.The dynamics of this crew of vampires works well together creating and fun loving and caring family.And Stephanie's and Drina budding relationship is something to see it nothing but fun and laughs and some danger along the way.The funniest part of this book was the whole shopping scene in Walmart I never laughed so hard before very enjoyable book....Looking forward to the next book .


Book of Interest ! Building Sandcastles by Carol Lynne a Short Story

Available @ E-book 1.99

After a brush with death, he begins to live...

After a mugging and near death experience, Leo Gorgan realizes the only thing he has in New York City is business contacts. He decides to take a year off and travel the country. When a needed repair on his motorhome lands him in Destiny, Iowa, Leo has no idea the ruggedly handsome man at the hardware store will be able to fix more than his leaky faucet.

William “Tank” Borsoiv loves his life. The farm he owns is enough to feed his soul, but not enough to make ends meet. Working at the hardware store has always bridged the gap financially, but it also allows Tank to interact with the townspeople. When a stranger with dark red hair enters the store, Tank’s body takes notice.

Tank knows Leo has a life in New York he’ll eventually go back to, but he won’t let that stop him from entering into the hottest relationship he’s ever experienced. Loving Leo may come with a price, but Tank will gladly pay the debt.

 As requested, Leo met Tank in the parking lot of the town’s grocery store. He’d offered to pick up the needed supplies for dinner before Tank got off work, but Tank had refused the offer.

Watching Tank cross the distance between them, Leo couldn’t shake the feeling he’d seen Tank before. The moment Leo laid eyes on Tank, he felt an instant connection, something he’d never felt with another man.

“Hey,” Tank greeted Leo with a quick kiss.

Leo glanced around, surprised at the public display of affection. There were a few people around, but not one of them bent to pick up a stone to throw at them.

Beside him, Tank chuckled. “Relax. The town may be small, but they’ve gotten used to me.”

Although he’d just met Tank, the remark felt like a quick punch in the gut. “So, you do this kind of thing all the time?”

“No!” Tank shook his head. “I had a boyfriend a couple of years ago. They did all their staring then.” He bent to whisper in Leo’s ear. “They like to think they’re very cosmopolitan now. Shhh, don’t tell them that accepting us just makes them better people.”

Leo smiled up at Tank. “It’s nice that you can be yourself here. I was worried. You read a lot about intolerance in small towns.”

Tank pulled a cart out of the rack and headed toward the produce aisle. “Oh, I didn’t say everyone accepted me, but I like to think I’ve proven myself enough in most people’s eyes.”

Leo followed Tank around the store. It amused him the way Tank nodded and spoke briefly to others as he passed them. “Is this a thing around here? I had three people wave at me today. The first time it happened, I spun around, thinking there was someone behind me. By the time I realized they were waving at me, they were already gone.”

Tank pulled two roasted chickens out of the warmer and put them in the cart. “Another perk of small-town living. You’ll get used to it.”

Leo doubted he’d be in town long enough to become accustomed to complete strangers wishing him a good day. His attraction to Tank was undeniable, but he had to go back to New York at some point, and he still had half a country to see.

“I think that does it,” Tank remarked, heading for the checkout counter.

“Here, use this.” Leo held out a hundred-dollar bill. Tank shook his head. “Thanks, but I got it.” It wasn’t often that Leo offered someone money, so

he wasn’t sure how to react at the rejection. He squeezed by Tank and took up position at the end of the counter, ready to bag the items after they were scanned.

“Excuse me, sir,” a teenager with acne said.

Leo stepped aside and watched the young man efficiently place the items into the reusable sacks Tank brought with him.

“These go in a separate sack,” Tank told the cashier, indicating the break in the line of groceries.

Leo had no idea what the difference was, but didn’t want to make a fool of himself by asking in front of the cashier and sack boy. He glanced back at the teenager once again. The boy had to know Tank was gay, yet he looked at the bigger man with a combination of friendliness and hero worship.

“Thanks, Sharon,” Tank said, taking his change. He watched as the last of the groceries were put into bags. “You playing baseball in the spring, Carl?”

“Yes, sir. Coach Wilton thinks it’ll be a good way to keep me in shape for football.”

“He’s right, but then again, Coach is always right.” He slapped Carl on the back before leaving the checkout counter.

Leo followed Tank out of the store. “Why the two different bags?”

Tank stopped at his truck and began unloading the cart. “I need to make a quick stop on the way home. Hope you don’t mind. It shouldn’t take but a minute.”

Leo placed three sacks in the back of Tank’s truck. “Seems like a lot of groceries for no more than you paid.”

“Guess you just have to make wise decisions.” Tank held up a box of Twinkies. “My one and only splurge every shopping trip. As long as I give myself permission to buy a box of these, I can stick tight to the rest of the list without being tempted to add to it.”

Indulging himself with everything he desired had become a way of life for Leo. Of course, it hadn’t always been that way. He’d grown up in the Bronx, one of four sons. His father had been a diehard fisherman until he died of a heart attack when Leo was barely fifteen. The money coming into the household sucked, but Leo’s father refused to take another job, claiming he was born to work on a boat.

Leo’s three older brothers had carried on in their father’s footsteps, knowing what kind of life they would be able to eke out of the ocean. It hadn’t made sense to Leo. He was determined to go to college and make something of himself, and he had.

“You still with me?” Tank asked, interrupting Leo’s thoughts.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” “I asked if you wanted to just ride with me.” Leo glanced at the expensive motorhome. “I’d rather

follow you. I’d hate to leave it out here all night.” Tank gave Leo another of those quick, but deadly, kisses. “I like the sound of all night.” He opened the

driver’s door. “Let’s go.”


Book of the Day ! Tripp in Love by Tressie Lockwood

Available @ for 2.99 E-book

No strings attached sex with a hot small town cop? Yeah, her heart was in serious danger…

Toya is on the way to a funeral when she’s pulled over by the sexiest cop she’s ever laid eyes on. When she discovers she doesn’t have her wallet with her license in it, she decides it’s time to use her feminine charms to get out of being hauled off to jail. The super short skirt and the f*me high-heeled boots should do the trick, but this cop doesn’t seem impressed in the least.

Tripp is finding it hard to remain detached and professional while doing his job looking at the chocolate beauty he’s just pulled over. And when he discovers she’s driving without a license, procedure dictates he asks her to step out of the car. With a body he’d like to sample right there on the side of the road, this woman forces him to make her a proposition that has nothing to do with the law—no strings attached sex, all weekend long. But what will he do when it’s time for Toya to leave his small town and go back to New York?

She glanced in the rearview mirror and grumbled under her breath. “Perfect, just freaking perfect.” The cop’s lights flashed, and he’d given his siren one swift blare before he’d turned it off. Toya hit the brake to slow down and then pulled to the side of the road. She grabbed her purse and began searching through it while the cop was doing his thing in his car, probably looking up her tag number. She sighed and then froze. Her wallet wasn’t in her purse.

“Of all times...” She stretched across the seat to check her glove compartment, but she never put her wallet there. The sides of the seats produced nothing, and her suitcase in the back seat didn’t have it. “Oh damn, I’m in trouble.”

He knocked on her window while she searched the glove compartment again. She peered at him, but his gaze was lowered to her skirt, which had hiked half-way up to her snatch. She’d intended to wear tights with the piece, but inside the car, she always got overheated. Now her legs were exposed. Did she dare use the sexy woman card to get out of being hauled off to jail for driving without a license? She better try something that was for sure.

Straightening, she lowered the window. “Hello, officer,” she said in an almost unintentional breathy tone.

“Ma’am, you mind cutting your engine?” The question was more of a command. She did as he asked and sat back. She didn’t have to look to know that her silk blouse was undone by a few buttons, showing off her cleavage. The officer might not be into black women, but he might not mind the view just for the sake of it. He cleared his throat. “Do you know how fast you were going?”

“I’m sorry.” She looked directly into his face for the first time and had to catch her breath. Okay, now she was at a loss. The man was gorgeous. His eyes were light blue, framed by thick, dark lashes that matched his full head of wild curls. Although his cheeks were red, no doubt from slipping in and out of his car into the cold February weather, the color only enhanced his strong jawline, straight nose, and thick, kissable lips.

He wore full policeman regalia, including the CB hanging from his shoulder on his coat. The big chest and gun at his hip added to the sense of power she felt from him. Her breath came in quick spurts, and she couldn’t think of what to say to charm him. Come on, Toya, get it together, girl. You have men eating out of your palm all the time at work.

“License and registration,” he intoned, seemingly unmoved by her appearance. She didn’t think she was drop-dead gorgeous, but she was no joke either. She kept herself in reasonable shape, with a few extra pounds. But getting hit on all the time told her men found her attractive—black and white. Was this man dead or what?

She offered him her best pout, which resulted in a frown from him. “I kind of...forgot it,” she said.

He took one step back. “You want to step out of the car, ma’am.”

She grunted. “Really? You have to keep calling me ma’am?”

His eyebrows went up, and she muttered an apology as she stepped out of the car. Never in her life had she been arrested, and now she was about to. To her embarrassment, tears started in her eyes and a slight tremor shook her body. That was just great, she was going to cry, and she hadn’t meant to. Besides, they wouldn’t work on him anyway. He was immune. Or gay.

“I didn’t mean to come without it, trust me. I can’t believe I forgot. I’m from New York, and I’m down here for my brother’s funeral. I have to stay in a hotel, so I didn’t intend to come without my ID or credit cards.”

With that little speech, the corner of his mouth turned up, and his disbelief was obvious. “You expect me to accept that you were speeding to a funeral?”

Keeping control of her temper was an effort. “No, I admit I was speeding, and I am on my way to my brother’s funeral. Whether you believe it or not is up to you.”

His gaze swept her from head to foot now that she stood beside her car. Toya tried not to fidget under his glare. She’d righted her skirt, but it hardly covered more of her thighs than when sitting, and her boots were “fuck me” high. She liked them like that in the winter, especially stretching over her knees and a small way up her thighs.

“You’re not too good at using what you have to get out of trouble, are you?”

Toya’s jaw dropped. The first time he unbends from the hard cop routine, and he insults her. She tossed her hands on her hips. “Excuse me?”

He pointed his chin at her. “The attitude. One minute you’re all soft and delicate, the next you look like you want to scratch my eyes out. Which is the real you?”

“For your information, I’m always real. Now if you’re going to arrest me, do it. Otherwise, let me go.”

The step he took closer to her made her stumble back. That’s when she saw for the first time how much taller he was. He towered above her even in her highest heels. But then she noticed the front of his pants. Okay, yeah, he was interested all right. No man could hide that.