About Me

Little about myself avid reader and writer ..I sold my first story when only in High School.Love gardening and Art and reading are just a few things I Love most.Love to collect Gothic Art. I don't Owned a book store for 12 years and loved it ! I am Vice Read a book or two a day most times and love all Gene's although paranormal and romance books are at the top of my favorites until I grow board.Active with our Local Library.Mother of 2 married 23 years have 2 kids Meaghan and Jessica. I am a Brand New Grand-mother to a grand-daughter named Bella and another new grand-daughter Ariana.. I Live where I grew up in my hometown. And I am very lucky to have my family around me so we stay in each others pockets everyday. Been blessed with some great friends some going on 30 years now. What more could a girl ask for.