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Highland Justice by Heather McCollum Reveal

Highland Justice
Heather McCollum
(Sons of Sinclair, #3)
Published by: Entangled: Amara
Publication date: April 26th 2022
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance

The third book in the bestselling Sons of Sinclair series is just as romantic, thrilling, and adventurous when Gideon Sinclair meets his match in Christina MacKay. When she steals his breath…along with his boots, he’ll have to decide if justice is more important to him than love.

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Author Bio:

Heather McCollum is an award-winning, historical romance writer. With over twenty books published, she is an Amazon Best Seller and a Readers' Choice winner.

The rugged beauty and rich history of Great Britain captivates Ms. McCollum each time she visits. The country's history and landscape have been a backdrop for her stories since her very first book.

When she is not dreaming up adventures and conflict for brawny Highlanders and feisty heroines, she spends her time educating women on the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer. She is a survivor and resides with her very own Highland hero and three spirited children in the wilds of suburbia on the mid-Atlantic coast.

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Release Tour for Truths that Saints Believe by Anne Malcom

Title: Truths that Saints Believe
Series: The Klutch Duet #2
Author: Anne Malcom
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: May 13, 2021

The dance is over.
The battle begins.

Broken hearts never heal quite right. Especially when they’ve been ripped to pieces, torn to shreds. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love with him. She’d promised she wouldn’t. Stella had known the rules when this began.

I will never love you.

He lied, because his world had been nothing but pain and hatred. Because he was a powerful man and love left you weak and powerless. He had loved her. The dark, ugly twisted parts of him had loved her. His love was torture. It was addictive. It was oxygen.

But it wasn’t enough.

His life has been war. But he’d never fought for anyone. Until her.

He knew that he was cursing her. Sentencing her to a life that she didn’t deserve. That would ruin her. But he had no other choice. He’d fought to be a good man, to let her live without him. But he couldn’t live without her. No more than he could inhale without oxygen.

He would fight for her. To get her back. Till death.

He wasn’t a good man.
He was the villain.
One who needed her. That would stop at nothing to get her back.
He would prove to her that even his wretched villainous heart could love her.

Anne Malcom has been an avid reader since before she can remember, her mother responsible for her book addiction. It started with magical journeys into the world of Hogwarts and Middle Earth, then as she grew up her reading tastes grew with her. Her obsession with books and romance novels in particular gave Anne the opportunity to find another passion, writing. Finding writing about alpha males and happily ever afters more fun than reading about them, Anne is not about to stop any time soon.


Release & Review Blitz Befallen by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

๐Ÿ’™ ๐—›๐—ข๐—ง ๐—ก๐—˜๐—ช ๐—ฅ๐—˜๐—Ÿ๐—˜๐—”๐—ฆ๐—˜ ๐Ÿ’™

๐—•๐—ฒ๐—ณ๐—ฎ๐—น๐—น๐—ฒ๐—ป ๐—ณ๐—ฟ๐—ผ๐—บ ๐—ฏ๐—ฒ๐˜€๐˜๐˜€๐—ฒ๐—น๐—น๐—ถ๐—ป๐—ด ๐—ฎ๐˜‚๐˜๐—ต๐—ผ๐—ฟ, ๐——๐—ฟ. ๐—ฅ๐—ฒ๐—ฏ๐—ฒ๐—ฐ๐—ฐ๐—ฎ ๐—ฆ๐—ต๐—ฎ๐—ฟ๐—ฝ, ๐—ฎ๐—ป ๐—ฒ๐—บ๐—ผ๐˜๐—ถ๐—ผ๐—ป๐—ฎ๐—น, ๐˜€๐—ฒ๐—ฐ๐—ผ๐—ป๐—ฑ ๐—ฐ๐—ต๐—ฎ๐—ป๐—ฐ๐—ฒ ๐˜€๐˜๐—ฎ๐—ป๐—ฑ๐—ฎ๐—น๐—ผ๐—ป๐—ฒ ๐—ฟ๐—ผ๐—บ๐—ฎ๐—ป๐—ฐ๐—ฒ ๐—ถ๐—ป ๐˜๐—ต๐—ฒ ๐—–๐—ฎ๐—ฟ๐—บ๐—ฒ๐—น ๐—–๐—ผ๐˜ƒ๐—ฒ ๐˜€๐—ฒ๐—ฟ๐—ถ๐—ฒ๐˜€ ๐—ถ๐˜€ ๐—Ÿ๐—œ๐—ฉ๐—˜!!

#๐Ÿญ-๐—ฐ๐—น๐—ถ๐—ฐ๐—ธ ๐˜๐—ผ๐—ฑ๐—ฎ๐˜†!

  From bestselling author, Dr. Rebecca Sharp, comes an emotional, second chance standalone romance in the Carmel Cove series. It took only a matter of moments to turn Cambria Mariano into a survivor. Moving back home, a ghost of her former self, Cammie hoped family and a familiar routine would help her find a new normal. But months and miles couldn’t erase the trauma that had befallen her. Something needed to change. Cammie knows she needs to fight for a stronger version of herself before she loses everything. Unfortunately, the only way to hone that fight has a name: Bennett Covington, her new martial arts instructor and the golden boy whose heart she broke. Benny has always had his eye on the shy baker’s daughter. Though the spark between them burns hotter than ever, he sees Cammie’s heart is even more guarded. But Benny is a patient man; He’ll give her time to trust herself—and him. As Cammie’s confidence returns, so do the demons from her past. To stop the crimes in town, she’ll have to speak up against those who will do anything to keep her silent. And when she does, she’ll risk not only her new life but her second chance at love. Warning: This novel contains references to subjects that may be sensitive to some readers. ๐Ÿ’™
What an emotional read that felt very real and tugs on ones heartstrings. From the moment you started turning the pages you felt like crying so much pain and heartache for Cammie when it should have been a happy time in her life not full of pain and sorrow.

Cammie's pain is real and so are her struggles but, she is stronger than she thinks, and she is making her way back from the depths of he-- little by little she was a little warrior that we loved seeing blossom throughout the story.

Bennett was a sweetheart, that man was patient and kind and loving as well as being committed. We loved how he was with Cammie he treated her time and time again like she was his one and only and forever girl from the moment they started over but, in reality never stopped being his forever girl in his mind.

Overall we enjoyed Cambria and Bennett's story as it felt real, and it was about healing and forgiveness and about second chances also about heartache and pain and about growth and living your life in the present not the past.. We are loving the Carmel Cove series as the series takes place in a small Town that is about closeness and love that is full of amazing characters that were past and present. We love the fact that these women have strong men to love them and vice versa. Each of the female characters like Cambria have suffered unthinkable things but, from that madness, they have created bonds of friendship & love with some amazing women that will last the test of time. The ending had a twist we did not see coming which always is a plus in our books and as they say karma works in mysterious ways. The author did an amazing job making you feel Cambria's pain along with all the different emotions we went through to get to her happy place once again, and we could not be effected by it all. Well done!

Dr. Rebecca Sharp, while using a pen name, is actually a doctor living in Pennsylvania with her husband - the love of her life. She enjoys working in her practice with her father as well as letting her creativity run free as an author. Growing up she's always loved a good love story and finally decided to give writing one of her own a go. After graduating with her doctoral degree, she now enjoys spending that thing called free time traveling with her husband, cooking, and knitting.  

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Blitz & Giveaway for Awakened Are the Starry-Eyed by Christine Dorรฉ Miller

Awakened Are the Starry-Eyed
Christine Dorรฉ Miller
Published by: Evernight Teen
Publication date: May 14th 2021
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

A new city and unexpected freedom give Andrea the fresh start she craved, but her haunting past threatens to unrest an already tangled future. In this tense and emotionally stirring sequel to Forgiven Are the Starry-Eyed, Awakened will leave you breathless as it navigates the heartbreaking disquiet of one survivor’s scattered and uncertain path towards healing.

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“Andie!” Ethan shouted with a big grin on his face. He was seated in the crowded hot tub and started to get out when he saw us. Grabbing a towel from the nearby deck chair, his long legs stumbled underneath him as he moved. “Phew,” he said when he finally planted himself by me, wrapping his left arm around me for a side hug.

“Come on, man.” I laughed as the warm water dripped from his body onto my shirt. He shook his head quickly, so the droplets spritzed toward me as they flicked from his curly hair. Ethan snickered through his wide smile, his sky-blue eyes dancing.

“You all right?” Carter asked him. “How much have you had to drink?”

“Not enough to talk to you!” Ethan shouted, his words slurring through some forced laughter.

“Ah, okay, so it’s like that? Let’s talk another time, man, after you sober up. Maybe tomorrow,” Carter offered. “I want us to be cool.”

“I have an easy solution! Don’t move away!” Ethan remarked. His tone sounded like he was joking, but there was truth buried behind the inflection that Carter picked up on, too. I shot Ethan a steely glare, trying with my eyes to get him to stop talking. I didn’t need anything or anyone to give Carter a reason to stay.

“I’m gonna get you some water,” Carter said. “Will you guys stay here for a bit? I’ll be back in a few.” I nodded.

“We’ll miss you!” Ethan shouted mockingly. His body started swaying, and I grabbed his forearm to steady him.

“Come on, Ethan, let’s go sit down in the grass over there.” I held Ethan’s arms as we lowered ourselves onto a soft grassy part of the yard, the noise from the party still buzzing in the background. Once he was planted, he flopped down on his back.

“I think I can literally feel the Earth spinning,” Ethan said with a loud sigh.

“Haha, I think you’re just drunk,” I replied, stretching out next to him, our heads both facing the starlit sky.

Ethan turned his head to face me, his left cheek resting in the grass. I turned toward him.

“You’ll be fine. You just need some water and—”

“Don’t go,” he said quietly, interrupting me.

“Huh? Oh, come on, you’ve got to stop giving me such a hard time for taking Carter away from the band. I promise you guys will find another singer.”

“I don’t care about that,” Ethan continued, suddenly sounding clearheaded. “Don’t go, Andie.”

“You can visit us whenever you want. I know it’s not the same, but we’ll still text like every day,” I reassured him.

“You’re my best friend. It’s always been us against the world, you know?” He paused and took a breath. “What if I still need you even if you don’t need me anymore?”

Each sentence hung more resounding in the thick, humid air as the guilt crept in, disguised as acidic, aching nausea. I squinted my eyes as if that would help me process, but all I saw was Ethan as he lay on the soft grass next to me. His smooth, chiseled face was lit by the twinkly outdoor lights in the tree above us, his pale eyes burning into mine with an earnestness I’d never seen from him before.

“I have to go. You know I have to go,” I said, my voice shaking.

“What if I never get out of here?” he asked quietly.

“All you have to do is make the decision and start driving,” I stated, hoping that if I said it out loud, it would make it true.

“It’s not that easy for everyone, Andie, and you know it. We don’t all have safety nets or parents with money. And some of us have responsibilities here. And friends.”

“That’s not fair,” I started.

“Are you even going to take a part of me with you? I can’t shake this feeling that you’re just going to disappear.”

“Yo!” Carter’s familiar voice rang out behind us, and I shot up to a seated position.

“Hey!” I said chipperly. He casually sat down next to us, crossing his legs and handing a bottle of water to Ethan as he cracked open a fresh beer for himself. Ethan slowly sat up, too, taking the water from Carter without making eye contact.

“Thanks,” Ethan said softly.

My mind was racing, and I felt soaked in the unrest. I loved Ethan in this profound and endearing way, but if he loved me, too, then he would understand that I wasn’t just running toward something glamorous or exciting; I was saving myself from the town and darkness that threatened to consume me with each tainted memory. There was no way we could laugh through this tension to get back to where we once were. We couldn’t binge-watch dark comedies in my parents’ basement or swap playlists of our favorite new music without tonight’s conversation bleeding into every word, every movement. I’d wonder if he was resentful that I left. He’d wonder if I even cared about what I left behind. I prayed that he was too drunk to remember tonight. If so, I could forget, too. I could push this down where the other things I chose not to remember dwelled in my body. And I was good at keeping secrets.

I decided instantly that I wouldn’t tell Carter about this. He didn’t need any more reasons to reconsider coming with me, so this, too, went deep into my vault. I could examine my feelings later if I wanted to, but for now, it just needed to go away.

“It was hilarious,” Carter said as I realized he had been talking. I forced a smile and a soft laugh, hoping that was the appropriate response to whatever story he told.

“I need to lay down for a minute,” Ethan said dizzily as he settled back down to the grass, closing his eyes.

“Yeah, he’s probably out for the night. Jeff said he had a lot to drink. We should get him out of here. He can crash at my place tonight,” Carter offered. I agreed. “Okay, come on, big guy,” Carter said as he swung Ethan’s arm around his neck and pulled him up. “Little help, babe?” he asked. I grabbed Ethan’s other arm and placed it around my shoulders to help prop him up.

“Ugh,” Ethan groaned, half awake. It felt strange being this close to him, my head under his chin with his arm around my shoulders as Carter and I helped him walk toward the car. Ethan and I had shared probably a million hugs throughout our years of friendship, but this time the closeness felt different, clouded by my wondering if it would be the last time.

Author Bio:

Christine lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and their two children. She works full-time as a marketing director for a large media company and holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration degree from Western Michigan University where she studied marketing. Growing up in the chilly midwest, she developed a deep passion for dramatic writing and alternative music at an early age, which still peaks through in her adult-corporate-mom life today. Forgiven Are the Starry-Eyed is Christine's debut novel.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Magician Rising by Renรฉe des Lauriers Reveal

Magician Rising
Renรฉe des Lauriers
Publication date: May 25th 2021
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy

Dark powers she can’t control. Deadly hunters tracking her down. Can she rip the target off her back before it turns fatal?

Jun Bear has lived with bad luck all her life. And when a professor threatens to give her a failing grade, the college senior sees her hopes for graduating in two months going down another ill-fated drain. But her fortunes plunge further when an unnatural earthquake shakes the campus and unleashes cold-blooded assassins after her head…

Unsure what’s happening, Jun finds herself facing a trained killer intent on exposing the wielder of the dangerous magic. And when she’s provoked into revealing her unexpected new abilities, she’s determined to prove her innocence before she’s permanently eliminated.

Can she win over an ally and survive a bloodthirsty secret society fixated on wiping her out?

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PreOrder Tours for Betrayal by Renea Porter

Title: Betrayal
Series: The Dove Series
Author: Renea Porter
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: May 20, 2021

Dove, that's what he calls me.
Being the daughter of one of the most notorious crime families in Texas, it always put my life in danger. I never thought much of it, knowing my father would protect me.

Sitting around a table, cards in one hand and a drink in another. My father was dealt a bad hand. That’s when my world came tumbling down. It was time for Damon to collect. And this time he was collecting me to pay the debt my father owed.
I hated my father for letting me go, and not putting a bullet right between Damon’s eyes right then and there.

He was weak.

I wasn’t.

But everyone has a weak link.
I was Damon’s.
And he was mine.

Renea Porter is best known for writing realistic stories with realistic characters. Her stories may even cause you to shed a tear or two.

She mainly writes New Adult and Contemporary Romances. However, she's not afraid to venture into other genre's like Paranormal Romance.

She enjoys spending time with her husband of fifteen years, and step son. She calls Pennsylvania home, but loves to travel and try new things. In her free time you can catch her reading books, watching reality tv, and baking.