Monday, January 30, 2012

Desire and Fate Part 1 Short Story but Beth Wright

This is an e-book short story available through Smashwords
5 stars

About the book:
A large group of warships have been stranded on a different planet. They have managed to create their own human base by using the ships as homes. What they did not realize is that they are not alone. The natives of this world have been watching them since they arrived. Hanna and her husband Sam find theirselves trapped by an unexpected attacked upon their base. Half-human and half-dragon beings bring fear and death to their little home putting Hanna in a position she never expected to be in. Now held captive by the evil beast that killed her husband she wonders if they will eventually kill her. Over time she starts to have feelings for their leader Ozonar, who has always dreamed of making her his from the moment he first saw her. Fighting her feelings for her dead husband and the changing feelings for the wild, evil, surprisingly sweet beast she finds herself lost and confused. Will she eventually give in to her feelings for Ozonar or will she continue to fight them? What does her future hold for her now?

My Thoughts...
Wow action packed from the beginning.Half-human and half-dragon beings invade a village and wipe out them all except Hannah.Ozonar there leader has always wanted Hannah as he watched her from afar. He planned on this human girl being is True and final life-mate.No plan goes as planned all those people were not suppose to die and to top it off they just killed her husband.There is a lot of resentment built up with others the clan. Danger lurks there as Ozonar will need to protect her form the others and from the jealousies of the women of that clan.He is the chief and what he says goes anyone tries to harm her and they will be killed no questions asked. He means it!For such a short story there was a lot packed into it and I was sorry to see it end.It was a different twist to come up with the have dragon half human characters as I love Dragons in was in from the start.The hardened warrior was deadly but, yet sweet and protective to Hannah. Ozonar son welcomed his mate with open arms.At least she has someone on her side.There journey is not going to be an easy one but, I am definitely in for the long haul to see what happens. Can't wait!