Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BlackWind: Sean and Bronwyn (BlackWind #1) by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

BlackWind: Sean and Bronwyn (BlackWind #1)BlackWind: Sean and Bronwyn by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

BlackWind: Sean and Bronwyn (BlackWind #1)

by Charlotte Boyett-Compo! 


Blush: This is a suggestive romance (love scenes are not graphic) Book one in a two-book saga.Sean and Bronwyn have loved one another since grammar school. Believing Sean isn't good enough for their child, Bronwyn's parents will do everything in their power to keep them apart, including spiriting Bronwyn off to a secluded convent in Ireland.But Sean isn't entirely human. Born of an Earthly mother and implanted with an alien parasite that makes it possible for him to shape-shift into a wolf-like creature, the young man is far more than Bronwyn's parents counted on. Determined to be reunited with the woman he loves, Sean will do what is necessary to have her in his arms once again.From the mists of time and space, another creature lies in wait, eager to steal Bronwyn from Sean. Danyon Hart is a NightWind, an immortal created to aid women in their times of despair. He has heard Bronwyn's lonely cries and has come from the far reaches of the megaverse to claim her.Fighting to get back to one another, the lovers must strive against a brutal evil that is dogging their every footstep.

My Thoughts....

This book was originally published elsewhere under the same title.It was my first time reading Compo's work, and I must say after reading this one, I am now looking into other books of hers. This dark fantasy (meaning a lot of abuse goes on in the beginning toward the son Sean and the mother ) both of them living in hell due to Sean's abusive father Tym. Sean and Bronwyn have loved one another since grammar school. Sean and Bronwyn's agony, passion and romance come steaming off the pages as you read. They pledge there love to one another and know that sometime in the future they will be truly together. Bronwyn parents have a different ideas. They did not want the couple together, saying Sean is no good for her and they will not have him in her life period. They take drastic measures drug her and whisk her off to a convent in Ireland. She is miserable there and so is Sean. He is not giving up !There going to be together. During the split Sean mother kills his father to protect a secret that she has held since Sean was born. Sean's real father enters the picture and explains to Sean about how is mother and him met and why Sean is so different from others. His father holds a secret that was passed onto Sean . The father will need to guide Sean threw about what is to happen. Sean also ends up in Ireland but his life turns in a totally different direction than Bronwyn's. While waiting for Sean to come find her dark forces are working all around her. She finds out she is carrying Sean's child and she is not giving up they are going to be a family. The dark forces continue to plague Bronwyn. Will she be lost to the dark forces will Sean find her. A lot of twist and turns from here on out and what a surprise cliffhanger the ending this turns  out to be. I was not expecting that...