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Zoctornyia (Vultar's Heart, Body, and Soul Mate Part 1)Zoctornyia by Beth Wright

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Vultar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate Part 1

Ebook By Beth Wright

Published: September. 21, 2011
Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Romance
Words: 8725 (approximate)
Language: English

Extended Description

"Do I scare you, Setiana?" His eyes are pinned to mine with the slightest hint of hurt and worry lingering in them.
"No, no. I just was startled, that's all," which I come to realize is the truth. I sense no fear as I take in every detail of his body and ever so beautiful golden eyes, just amazed with what I am seeing. He is very tall. I would have to guess close to seven feet tall. His skin is a light black color, and he is only wearing a shiny black bikini? Okay, why oh why did I have to look that way.  As I examine his features more I come to realize he has a long reptilian tail. My eyes flow over his gorgeous, built body. Wow, he even has long beautiful nails. Well, more like claws not nails. I slowly look upwards to his wonderful smile, beautiful copper and gold colored eyes with no pupils at all, and amazing long black hair. His hair is so smooth looking. I bet it feels wonderfully soft.  "I have never seen anyone like you before." He turns and talks in his language to someone in the cell directly across from ours. He finally fixes his eyes back onto mine. "What are you? Sorry. Is it rude of me to ask?" I hope I said that low enough that no one else could hear.
He smiles, which in a way lifts my heart and spirit. His smile then turns into a small chuckle. "It is not rude to ask when you do not know. I am a Mongoelilien." His smile suddenly shifts into a seductive grin. "It makes me very joyous to see you smile as well, Beautiful."

My Thoughts.........

Wow ! What a beginning to a new series. Even though this was a short story it has a lot going on.Vultar’s Heart, Body and Soul Mate part 1, is the first segment. I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it was funny, exciting with a little romance. Typically this is not the type of book I read only because I find books of that genre are hit or miss for me.But, I have say that from the beginning I was hooked on the plot. The characters were half human half alien and should be frightening no? In war the are warriors and when they are among there kind and mates these rough and tough warriors are endearing and big pussy cats with a big hearts.They excepted Setiana with upon arms as there fathers mate and protected her almost giving there lives.Is seems as though these creatures have some sort of healing abilities also. We will just have to explore to find out all there capable of. The Mind reading abilities they have a remarkable thing as the speak to one another through there minds and read thoughts without having to speak them. Can you say shields! Some getting used to but, doesn't seem to bother Setiana to much.Upon finishing this, I wanted to know what happens next! Can't wait for part two. A fresh new engaging twist.

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