Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just a Cowboy and His Baby (Spikes & Spurs #6) by Carolyn Brown

Just a Cowboy and His Baby (Spikes and Spurs #6)
by Carolyn Brown

5 stars

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Reviewed by: Angels

Published:Sourcebooks Casablanca     
Source Gifted Copy
Genre: Contemporary Romance


One determined, hell-on-wheels cowgirl. One equally determined, sexier-than-hell cowboy. One innocent baby, who suddenly takes center stage and everybody's priorities are suddenly up for grabs.

With a young baby dropped in his lap, bronco rider Trace Coleman's world is turned upside down. Suddenly, Gemma O'Donnell, his stiffest competition on the rodeo scene, is now the one person who can help him. She's already resisting his sexy smile and even sexier swagger, but she can't resist a baby. When it comes down to it, only one can win, but is winning more important than love and family?

My Thoughts

Out of all Carolyn's books I have read this year this is one of my top favorites.

I really enjoy this story as it was lot of fun to read about these two main characters Gemma and Trace.Wow ! What explosive sparks this couple had.I just loved Gemma a smart sexy holden with a lot of spunk. Trace the roughly handsome cowboy with a softer side not your typical rodeo cowboy the love and leave them type.

Gemma and Trace are in competition with one another on the circuit working toward the final prize at winning a million dollars. For Trace it would mean buying a Ranch and settling down to a place to call home and to Gemma it means proving she was the best and first women to win this competition where the male dominate.

I have to say that Gemma was defiantly my favorite character. At every turn in this story she amazed me on how well she read people and the compassion she had for others. She was such a loving soul with a great big heart.Fierce yet a compassionate loving soul.

Trace amazed me with his talent and the way he handled having a bomb dropped on him when many would have just high tailed it out of there. Loved the way he handled the kids who he was chaperoning on a ranch on a break between competitions.He had a big heart that was overflowing. I did not find Trace to be the playboy at all.Loved the way he cared for Gemma when she was hurt in the rodeo he was so sweet.

When I starting reading this story I was addicted from the very first page. What a page turner ! I could not wait to see what happen next between this couple.It looked like they were doomed from there very first kiss. How does one fall in love with the other when there is a winning purse of a million dollars standing between them ?

Gemma and Trace were an extraordinary couple who had many obstacles to overcome. Not only to achieve there dreams but to find that perfect someone who is right just for you but to find true happiness and ones soul-mate.I enjoyed the plot and story line it was very engaging with lovable characters.For some love comes easy but, others have to really work at it . From the very beginning I just could not see this couple staying together with all they had between them .When one is competition with the other the gloves come off and sometimes it can turn deadly but, this couple seemed to make it work with very little effort for the time being but one bombshell might just jeopardize it all.

This couple where the true test that love can Conquer All !

A recommended read to all ! And be sure to check out Carolyn's other books they were just as amazing as this read was. She has a long time fan here if she keeps writing stories like these They are heartfelt reads written and with love......

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Book Review for Untamed (The Amoveo Legend #3) by Sara Humphreys

Untamed (The Amoveo Legend #3)

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Reviewed by: Angels
Published:Sourcebooks Casablanca
Source:Gifted Copy
Genre: Paranormal  Romance



The Amoveo are an ancient race who've lived secretly among humans for thousands of years. They are beautiful and incredibly strong but their race is extremely fragile--each has until the age of 30 to find their soul mate, before their bodies start to die a slow, painful death.
Layla Nickelsen has spent her life running from a mate she didn't choose, until William Fleury finally confronts her. Normally stoic and unemotional, William finds himself befuddled by Layla: his growing feelings for her and his driving need to protect her. And Layla has to admit that William might be everything she's always wanted after all...

My Thoughts and Review

I have to start out by saying this is a new author for me and a first time read.Sara has a promising series here as this was a excellent read. I will have to got back and start with the first book to read the entire series now.

Layla had been warned about the Amoveo, but now it was too late. Her mate had somehow found her. She did the only thing she could think of and  she ran to the only place she has ever felt safe. So Layla returns home to the farm she grew up on and the family she left behind.What she had not anticipated was William following her.

William is here to claim Layla as his mate but, Layla only knows fear and she fears him.The Amoveo have a destined mate and Layla turns out to be Williams although Layla is a hybrid and only part Amoveo she is the one for him and him alone and he wants to claim what is his.

William sets out to woo Layla which won't be and easy task.Not only does she not want any part of this mating business as she does not believe in destiny.The minute they meet you know there are made for one another the sparks fly between the two but Layla is looking for more then just a mate but someone to love her and care for her.She will not go willingly to a man she does not love or someone who does not love her in return destiny be damned.

As with all courtships they are never easy and William has his work cut out for him.Layla being a hybrid puts her at risk and there are those who are out to harm her as they believe all hybrids should be dead to secure a pure line of Amoveo. Trying to convince Layla to be his mate maybe the death of one of them or both as there is only one who is your true mate for a ones lifetime.

I have to say that William was my favorite character he is a gentle and a loving soul one who truly cares about others but, in the same breath damn lethal and will protect what is his at all costs.And Layla a talented photographer one who loves her brother with a whole heart and the women who raised her. She is very protective and very proud to a fault.

This courtship was a whirlwind of danger and death making a intriguing read.Though out the story secrets are uncovered and brought to light.The plot thickens and so does the danger.The story keeps you guessing every time you think you had a handle on things some other disaster strikes taking you in a whole other direction.The story will keep you totally engrossed and turning the pages.

Does love conquer all  ? We will just have to wait and see...

We all look for happy ever after endings but with reading this story  your not so sure...

I enjoyed this story about Layla and William and look forward to picking up the previous books in this series to learn more about the Amoveo's and there clan members and be there while they search for there destined mates.I hope to be along for the ride...

A Recommended read to all !My First book by Sara but, won't be the last job well done !

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Book Review for Fatal Affair (Fatal #1) by Marie Force

Fatal Affair (Fatal, #1)

Fatal Affair 

(Fatal #1)

Reviewed by: Tonya
Published:Carina Press
Genre:  Mystery,Romantic Suspense


Washington, D.C., Metro Police Detective Sergeant Sam Holland needs a big win to salvage her career--and her confidence--after a disastrous investigation. The perfect opportunity arises when Senator John O'Connor is found brutally murdered in his bed, and Sam is assigned to the case. Matters get complicated when Sam has to team up with Nick Cappuano, O'Connor's friend and chief of staff...and the man Sam had a memorable one-night stand with years earlier. Their sexual chemistry still sizzles, and Sam has to fight to stay focused on the case. Sleeping with a material witness is another mistake she can't afford--especially when the bodies keep piling up.

My Thoughts and Review
High Paced - Super Intense
I love books with strong female leads and I love books even more when the strong female lead is in a powerful position like in this case a detective.

Samantha "Sam" Holland is a detective investigating the horrific murder of a very popular US Senator. A major witness to the case Nick a man she had a one night stand with over 6 years ago found the body of the senator. Sam has had so real trials in her life since then from a bad marriage, her father (once the chief of police) being injured on the duty and permanently paralized, a high profile case she was on turned bad and now the murder of a US Senator. She doesnt need this man to come back into her life but he does and at full force.

The plot of the book, the lay out all of it is excellent. I love when I can start a book and immediately be drawn into the story, into the lives of the characters and feel like I am right there, like one of them. You can't wait for the next page, the next clue to try and find out who murdered the Senator and let me just say I was completely shocked in the outcome - who really murdered the senator.

Fixing to get the next book in the series. Great Job Marie Force....

Book Review for Unbound (The Guardian Legacies #1) by Emily Goodwin

Unbound (The Guardian Legacies #1)

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Reviewed by: Tonya
Published:Emily Goodwin
Genre:  Romance,Paranormal Romance



The world of ghosts and spirits is nothing new to eighteen year old Anora Benson; she’s spent her whole life trying to ignore them, trying to be normal. But when the Pricolici, a group of ancient bounty hunters, are sent after her, Anora realizes she is more than just a medium.

As a witch she has power, power she doesn’t know how to use, power that makes her vulnerable to the demons that desire her gifts. Anora is alone and scared, forced to face the darkness on her own. Then she meets Ethan, a mysterious boy who shows up in her life right along with the magic, and he seems to know quite a bit about her and her legacy Coven. Will she risk everything by trusting him or risk fighting alone?

My Thoughts and Review

Excellent Read Strong Female Lead

First let me start with at time the book seemed a bit disjointed but that aside it really is a very good paranormal witch book. I loved the main character Anora the writer did a good job with her character making her very believable. For the most part your average teen who feels like a freak because she's different and doesn't fully understand why. That is until her aunt she barely knew,but who always sent strange gifts, passes away. Then her whole life changes.

The author does a good job with her twin brother Harrison, jock and a bit of a bad boy. Her best friend Laney who sticks by her friends side even when her own life is on the line. Marie the jealous friend. Mike the jerk EX boyfriend - scumbag extraordaire and Ethan part of a secret order who becomes the love of Anoras life. Great male lead.

This really is a good book and I've already downloaded book 2 Reaper to read.