Thursday, April 10, 2014

Book Review for In the Heat of the Bite (Regency Vampire Trilogy, #2) by Lydia Dare

In The Heat of The Bite

by Lydia Dare
5 stars

Reviewed by: Angels


Published: Sourcebooks Casablanca/Mass Market


Source:Purchased Copy

Genre: Paranormal  Romance


She makes him feel more alive than he has since he died...

Chivalry is far from undead...

Matthew Halkett, Earl of Blodswell, is one of the few men in the ton who can claim to be a knight in shining armor—because that's precisely what he was before being turned into a vampyre. When he spies a damsel in distress in the midst of a storm in Hyde Park, his natural instinct is to rush to her aid...

But not every woman needs to be rescued...

Weather-controlling witch Rhiannon Sinclair isn't caught in a storm— she's the cause of it. She's mortified to have been caught making trouble by the imposing earl, but she doesn't need any man—never has, and is sure she never will...

But when Rhiannon encounters Matthew again, her powers go awry and his supernatural abilities run amok. Between the two of them, the ton is thrown into an uproar. There's never been a more tempestuous scandal...

My Thoughts and Review

What a heart warming romance between Matthew And Rhiannon.The book was definitely a page turner from the beginning to the end.Such and engrossing plot twist from the beginning you cold not put the book down.Two souls meet when they need it the most. Matthew feeling lost and Rhiannon feeling said. The two mixed well together even they Rhiannon took and instant hate to the Earl things turned around quickly.These two needed each other but, didn't really know it.The stars had this odd couple fated together. Who would have thought ?

 Ciara , Rhiannon sister which the seer.The story starts out easily and becomes more complex as something starts to happen to the earl he is unable to feed and the only one who can help him is Rhiannon.A vampire unable to eat and it seems like he is dying will the little witch be able to help the handsome vampire with her magic or her blood? 

One of the things I enjoy about this series is the interactions of all the different past cast members the Lycan's and the vampires the characters are so enjoyable fun and give you ton of laughs. I laughed through this book to the beginning to the end.This series keeps getting better and better.I was rooting for Rhiannon's happiness from the beginning What a heart felt romance. A Recommended read for all.