Friday, April 4, 2014

Book Review for Tempted by the Highland Warrior (MacKinloch Clan #3) by Michelle Willingham

Tempted by the Highland Warrior (MacKinloch Clan #3)
by Michelle Willingham
5 stars
Reviewed by: Angels
Format:Kindle /Paperback
Source:Gifted Copy
Genre:  Romance,Historical Romance


After years of brutal torture, Callum MacKinloch is finally free of his captors--but his voice is still held prisoner. He'd never let anyone hear him scream.Although Lady Marguerite de Montpierre's chains may be invisible, they threaten to tie her to a loveless and cruel marriage.

When Marguerite discovers Callum waiting to die, her heart aches for the warrior beneath the suffering--but they can have no future. Yet she is the one woman with the power to tame the rage locked inside him. Maybe he can find another reason to live...for her.

My Thoughts

Wow is all I have to say ! What and amazing read this story was. I have to say that it was a delight as I have not read a story about Highland Warriors in sometime and those a my kind of stories.I can't really say enough good things this about this story. It had me laughing and crying throughout the book so many times that a some point I went for the tissue box because the tears continually fell.

Callum being held a Prisoner for so many years and finding a bright light in is tortured past with Marguerite made me hope for a future for the wounded sole. From the beginning you new this couple were destined to be together but knowing it was going to be a twist of fate to make it happen.

This book is a love story where two people so opposite in there stations of life don't have a thing in common with one another. When Callum thought he had lost his love he set out to win her heart and her love by any means he can. The couple couple take you on a treacherous path of intrigue and danger and also vengeance but also healing and friendship and and finding one's sole mate.

Loved most all the character in this story and we saw characters from others it its series. I am a series loving girl so this series that Michelle has penned is a great treat for me. Loved it and oh what a surprise ending that I never saw coming a true delight. If Michelle continues to write stories like this she will have and even bigger fan than she already has. This is a recommended read to all and its series.