Friday, April 4, 2014

Book Review for Cemetery Moon (Moonlit Wings #1) by Beth Gualda

Cemetery Moon (Moonlit Wings #1)
by Beth Gualda
5 stars
Paperback, 260 pages
Published December 3rd 2010 by Createspace (first published September 17th 2010)
Source:Gifted Copy

Mya has always believed in angels, but following the death of her father, she now thinks they're all pretty useless. Her devoted and determined guardian angel is hoping to change all that--especially after Mya unwittingly succumbs to the seduction of his dark, fallen rival.

My Thoughts

Moonlit Wings #1Cemetery Moon was well crafted and a delightful read.The story really draws you in from the very beginning.Mya is from a small town where she and her father live. Suddenly her father passes away and is left with know one.By her father dying so soon in life has tested her faith in God and its no longer a believer she is very angry and lashes out of the unfairness of it all throughout the book.I believed Mya to be very selfish at times also a little bit of a spoiled brat but at the same token when she loves she loves with all her heart in.

With her faith in a spiral downfall she must pick up the pieces and go forward.With the her father burial now behind her she must figure out what to do now and go on about life.Her fathers attorney suddenly appears to speak to her about her father will and final wishes. She is surprised but all of this and thinks it must be all a simply mistake. She sold everything just to pay for his funeral.

Mya's attorney is one heck of a good looking handsome man. So dark and brooding in his looks. Mya learns much about her father that she has never known and starts to doubt that her life has been nothing but filled with secrets. But a unbelievable truth revealed about him shocks her to her core her father was a very wealthy man and has left her millions of dollars and a piece of property that is close to her fathers heart.

We journey along with Mya from here on out with her new love interest in her fathers attorney and her troubled time where she goes on a journey of self discovery.I was amazed about all the twists and turns this story brought forth.So many unanswered questions that needed to be answered.Why her father held all his wealth a secret all there lives?The love triangle that unfolds later in the story and where that might lead to.I have to say this story was very enjoyable .So many things going on just drawing you into this story keeping your interested page after page to see what happens next. Some of the secrets revealed where quite a shocker and almost unbelievable.Making you choose to believe or not to believe. This story was a breath of fresh air bringing mystery and love and heart break. Having the reader laugh and cry through out it's story. All made up of the things a reader loves.Looking forward to the next book it's series to see what happens next. Wishing Beth much success with her well crafted series. I am sure it's going to be a home run for her. Loved it and a recommended read to all...