Friday, April 4, 2014

Book Review for Santerra's Sin: A Loveswept Classic Romance [Kindle Edition] Donna Kauffman

Santerra's Sin
by Donna Kauffman
Reviewed by: Angels
Published:Harlequin Nocturne
Source:Gifted Copy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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In this sizzling romance, Donna Kauffman takes readers on a seductive ride deep undercover with a man who will ignite the flames of your heart.

There aren’t many places to get a cool drink in the middle of the New Mexico desert, and divorced bar owner Blue Delgado likes it that way. Little to no competition means that she gets to call the shots: her cantina, her rules. But there’s something about her new cook that sets her senses tingling—and it’s not just the way Diego fills out his jeans. When an old friend warns her that her life is in danger, Blue realizes she doesn’t know anything about her new employee—except that Diego excites her to the core. Could a man she is so attracted to be trying to kill her?

All Diego Santerra has are his instincts, honed to precision as a member of an elite tactical squad. He keeps no personal ties that could compromise his missions: no family, no friends. His work is his life, and his new case is no exception. But the moment Diego lays eyes on the woman he is assigned to protect, he realizes that everything is about to change. As trained killers set their sights on Blue, Diego knows it’s going to take everything he has to keep her alive—and to make her love him.

My Thoughts and Review 

I have to start off my saying its been awhile since I have read any Donna Kauffman books but, recently found this series and loved it so I had to read the whole series.Donna is an amazing author as she writes light fun  and interesting reads.

This book in part is about and elite group of men and women who work for a government agency in secret  when I mean secret I mean Top secret.There job is very dangerous.

This story grabbed my interest from the very beginning and I could not wait to dive in. I had wanting to read Diego's story for the longest time especially after reading the other books with him in them. He's just yummy! One very hot warrior to boot !

Diego is sent to guard Blue Delgado and poses as a cook.Blue is the owner of a bar slash restaurant.What Blue does not  know is that she has become wrapped up in a dangerous game where the bad guys what to use her for leverage against her father so he won't testify in court against the bad guys.Blue is oblivious to any of this while Diego tries to protect her.

I enjoyed this story .It had a good plot enough romance and a little bit of danger going on in it to keep your interested.Blue was a tough chick and her personality showed which made her fun to read about.She had quick whit and a sharp tongue and also new how to shoot and rode a Harley.But, at the same time unaware of how beautiful and desirable she was.

Diego the hardened warrior sent to protect daddy's princess.But, Blue is not at all how he imagined and is thrown off his guard from the very beginning.The sparks flew between the couple from the very first meeting.Even Blue new something was there just could not pin point what it was exactly.But, Diego has no time for romance he is there to do a job and keep her safe and knowing its going to be hard and torturous to keep his hands off of her.

The suspense full tale was a light fun read.Diego is sexy and oh so handsome but, he has a past that is gruesome and dangerous as is part of his job.But, now he thinks is undeserving of love.But, this hard warrior will need a strong women to stand beside him and Blue is just that person.I sensed Diego's pain even though he wasn't looking for love he may as well just found it .He has so long kept no attachments to anyone feeling they might be hurt because of him and his job.And he is so alone and yet somewhat happy still.He wants to be loved by someone he just doesn't know it.

As this is story is part of  a series we are graced with some of the other characters from Diego's team making this story even better and more suspenseful.Fast paced read that will keep you turning the pages just to see what happens next.Secrets will come to life.And Blue will need a big strong someone to protect her and be there for the most shocking secret that will come to life.Will these two independent people learn to let down there guard just a little bit enough to find a little bit of happiness and love ?

A really excellent read.and is recommended to all !