Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Book Review Hungry Moon-Quicksilver by Claudy Conn

Hungry Moon

by Claudy Conn
Reviewed by:Angels
Published by : Claudy Conn  Source:Purchased Copy
                Gene: Paranormal Romance


Ravena MacAllister doesn’t want to admit what she is. She wants to continue pretending she’s just human … only human, like her mother, like her friends. 

But she isn’t human.

Heartbreak and betrayal send her off rushing to Scotland, to a familiar haven where she has spent so many summers with her father, but she soon discovers that everything has changed.

From the moment she meets Quinn MacValdane, shock waves travel through him to her and back again, wrapping them in a tide of passion she had never dreamed possible. But if they are to have a future together, she must confront who and what she is, for she will need to call on the powers within her as she becomes embroiled in an adventure that will alter her life forever.

Our Review
Lets start off by saying this is one awesome author. Since the first time I picked up one of her novels I was hooked. Claudy's novels are so engaging and filled with tons of romance and adventure. Love her books and they only kept getting better and better.

Wow ! What a way to start off this new series with a serious bang.This novel was a page turner from the being to end !What a great plot to keep you engaged right from page one.

The story is about Ravena MacAllister who is always been different from others but, never really wanted to admit she was different  with very special abilities.She wanted to be human so never really explored her special talents . A broken heart takes her off to Scotland to spend the summer with her father but, once there never realizing that she will be asked to participate in and adventure where she will have no choice but to acknowledge her powers and put her powers to the test.

Then we have the sexy shape-shifter who was cursed and sent back in time
Quinn MacValdane and no other can bring him forth but ,Ravena MacAlister. Evil forces are at work and time is an issue making it a life and death situation.

I have to say that the characters in this story were all great loved them all even the bad ones ! (LOL)

There was really a tie for the most likable character but I loved Ravena and Quinn both equally. Just love reading time travel novels a lot so I was so glad to get to read about Ravena and Quinn's adventure.Quinns grand-father confides in Ravena that he needs her help to release Quinn from the curse that has plagued him and his family.

Quinn MacValdane had left his guard down seventy-five years ago and the evil Andrew MacPoole managed to send him through the Quicksilver portal where he couldn't get back to his castle due to a curse.The prophesy says there is one one person who would be able to release Quinn from this curse and Ravena seems to be his chosen mate and the one who would be able to end his entrapment and return him to the future.

Love this adventure. There was so much intrigue going on in the now and its past. The story kept you so engrossed never knowing what would happen next.There is danger lurking and every turn. It seems that the one who put the curse on Quinn may be dabbling in black magic as well and is a Royal Fae to boot.Andrew MacPoole has a story of his own making him and even more intriguing and more dangerous than any of the others.A dangerous Fae with many faces...

Loved the descriptions of the beautiful lands of where Quinn was living.Secrets are unfolded and rhymes and poems are deciphered in order to help Ravena with her quest. The first moment she sees Quinn through the Quicksilver glass she is drawn to Quinn and is having and overwhelming attraction to him like no other.Quinn feels the same for Ravena but, one thing he knows about Ravena from the beginning is she is his life-mate and the only thing he will need to do is convince her of it and in the same breath find a way to be able to carve out a future and hope to break the curse while doing it.

The romance between Ravena and Quinn was a sweet one. Ravena coming from a recent breakup is not wanting a romantic involvement.But, Ravena's hormones are dancing to a different tune!Quinn was a clever handsome fellow and just a down to earth sweet guy who had a sense of humor and new to tread carefully with Ravena giving him the patience of a saint . Ahhh ....Not So easy for a Highlander and a shape-shifter wolf to do as they are bossy and protective all of the time even more so when there instinct takes over knowing that you will die to protect your mate and loved ones.

There were quiet a few surprises I did not see coming but, did have one pleasant surprise  and that was that Prince Breslyn found his way into the story as he is definitely a favorite character of mine from Claudy's other novels giving me a huge smile !.

This novel goes into the keeper pile for me as well as Claudy others books. You know you have written a great book when you have the reader looking forward to reading the story all over again.This novel had all the things that make a great book good plot, lots of surprises that keep you own your toes, secrets coming to light and a great romance that forms between two great characters ! This novel will make you laugh and cry and say OMG what next ?

Claudy Conn has done a fantastic job in introducing us to her new characters and up and coming series !

A recommended read to all !