Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Review for Strike Completion # 2 by Holly S. Roberts

Completion # 2

by Holly S. Roberts

Reviewed by:Tonya
Published: Holly S. Roberts
Source: Author Copy Gene: New Adult Contemporary Romance 


Strike is the second book in the Completion Series. There is no connection to Play (book I) except the sports theme. Strike is a standalone HEA novel.

Nineteen-year-old Jaycee Shumway breaks into professional baseball player, Reed Tyler’s home, to steal the second most valuable set of balls he owns. Neither of them expect their striking attraction or battle of wills to lead them to a homerun.

Jaycee has more than herself to worry about. When Reed discovers she has a younger brother and sister, he’s quickly caught up in their world of need and heartbreak.

Baseball season begins and the separation puts Reed and Jaycee’s game on hold. With bases loaded and hearts on the line, will Reed convince Jaycee that she needs him to win or will Jaycee strike out and walk off the field forever?

This New Adult book is intended for mature audiences.

Our Review

First let me say I have never read anything from this author before, and I was given this book for the book tour and an honest review. – That being said – OMG she is being added to my favorite authors list off this book alone.

Jaycee takes care of her younger brother and little sister and they are barely making ends meet and decides to do something stupid in the name of helping her family. But she gets caught only not by the law and the outcome is well not what I was expecting and the one who catches her is none other than a big time baseball player.

Now my daughter is big time into softball so you know any type of softball/baseball story is going to peak my interest so I was willing and ready to read this book. And I am so glad I did. The constant strong willed, hard hardheadedness of Jaycee and the persistent, sexy, unnerving will of Reed had me not wanting my work breaks to end, wanting to stay up all night to finish reading this book. My emotions went from sadness for Jaycee and all she has been through to outright bursts of laughter and looking to see if the men with white jackets were coming for me.

Holly really knows how to bring her characters to life and draw you into the story and keep you interested. I found no lack of story here and absolutely no lag or down time. At no time did I want to put this book down. I was craving to read more with each turn of the page. I fell in love with Jaycee Shumway and her younger brother and sister. My heart went out to them, not for what life had handed them, but for how strong they were despite it. For how proud they stood, and how hard they fought each day. And Reed what can I say about him. OMG besides the man being down right hot, the man has such an amazing heart and it is real, it isn’t for show, it isn’t for name, its for real - for love. 

I was so happy with the outcome for Reed and Jaycee - but what really pulled my heart strings is what Reed does with Jon and Bitsy. I was so moved by that. Absolutely fabulous!!!

So with that I have to tell you - go right now - do not wait any longer - get your copy & start reading this book now - you will so fall in love with Jaycee, Jon, Bitsy & Reed. 


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