Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Review for Fallen from Grace by Leigh Songstad

Fallen from Grace
by Leigh Songstad

Reviewed by:Tonya
Published: Leigh Songstad
Source:Purchased  Gene: Contemporary Romance 


Expensive cars... 
Penthouse apartments... 
Exclusive clubs and endless money...

By day, Judas Woods practices Law in New York City. 
By night, he’s forced to portray a playboy image he despises. 
Past resentments his father holds against him have made Judas a prisoner in his own life. Just as he is ready to give up on life, he meets her—Grace Winters. Beautiful, intelligent and way out of his league.

Years have passed since the tragic accident that destroyed her family in just one night, and Grace Winters has finally found her new normal. Congressman Ellis Randall is charming, charismatic, flawless...and he wants to marry her. 
Things are perfect.
Almost too perfect…
When Grace meets the enigmatic and troubled local bad boy, Judas Woods, she is swept into a whirlwind affair of passion, desire, and secrets.

What is Congressman Randall hiding?

And can Grace trust the bad boy she is falling hopelessly in love with?

Our Review

Fallen From Grace - Leigh Songstad - 4.5 Stars. 

What an amazing story of lies, deceit, threats, manipulation, secrets and love. What a combination you say, well you would be absolutely right. I have never read anything by this author before, but this book grabbed me from the start and I will be looking for more from Leigh Songstad. 

‘Judas glanced over his shoulder at his father just before they exited through the doors. Jack dipped his head with an approving nod that condemned Judas. At twenty-four years of age, he’d just signed a deal with the devil.’

Judas is at his dads twisted beck and call. His mothers death held over his head haunting him. What he is forced to do has him hating himself. Then he meets Grace. She is engaged to a senator who is running for president and Ellis has marked and claimed Grace as his. I am sure from that you can tell trouble will be coming Judas’ way. 

‘Something was there-between them-but Grace didn’t know what it was because she never felt anything like it in her life. It was warm, was alive.’

Grace knew something was right between her and Judas, but will she toss caution to the wind, risk everything, and I mean EVERYTHING to be with him? I know I was cheering for her to make that choice. If she didn’t I certainly would claim Judas for myself. That man is downright sinfully sexy. 

‘Grace had never wanted to wipe someone off this earth, but she felt a passionate hate toward Jack Woods. “You’ve never been able to hear this Judas, but I want you to hear it over and over again.” His gaze met hers. “Her death was not your fault. When someone’s time is up, it’s just time. I believe God has his plan for everyone, and your present circumstances are the result of his past decisions. You are where you are right now because it’s where God wants you to be.”’

And finally Judas begins to find peace, but is it too little too late? I was praying that it wasn’t. But Ellis is a dirty, no good politician (aren’t they all though lol) bent on taking Judas down. 

I was on the edge the entire read. This book is intense, it is strong, and I absolutely loved Grace and Judas as much as I loathed Jack and Ellis. The author does an amazing job building her characters, pulling you into their lives, ripping open your heart so you can feel exactly what they are feeling. The story line was excellent and its not one of those oh I can tell you what is going to happen because every time I thought I could get it she threw in a surprise. 


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