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Book Review for Emerge Evolve Series Book 1 by S.E. Hall


Evolve Book #1
by S.E. Hall

Reviewed by:Tonya
Published: S.E. Hall
Source:ARC  Gene: New Adult Contemporary Romance

“You never have to be without me, Laney, never.”

He lied…my everything I ever knew, trusted, wanted…I am, in fact, without him.

On my own and out of my shell, I learn new things about life, friendship and…myself. 

Like what you’ve always known may not be what you’ve always wanted. 

Dane Kendrick awakened things within me that I never knew existed, unraveling and uncovering the real Laney Jo Walker. 

I’m a NEW adult…so is my story.

Our Review

Oh I did not want this story to end. I just absolutely love Laney and her innocence. And Evan what a guy, always there for her, loving her when she didn’t even know it and then finally getting his big chance. And Dane, who couldn’t fall in love with this adonis. Heart of gold, rich but doesn’t flaunt it and caring. And the other characters in the book Sawyer, Tate, Bennett and nasty Kaitlynn among others. The author does an outstanding job of unfolding this story, bringing you into Laney and Evan’s innocent world, and building you up to when they go out into the world on their own, trying to hold on to each other while they do this. This story of young love, innocence, heartache, betrayal, trust, growth and happiness really drew me in.

I’ve never imagined this with Evan, it’s never occurred to me to even dare hope what he felt for me was more than a protective best friend. Good thing, I would have done the fantasy no justice. His thumb brushes my bottom lip and I realize… I could be swinging a bat, casting a reel, and driving a truck all at the same time, but I’m still 100% woman.

I think I speak out loud. “Are you intimidated, Evan?”

He leans over, touching his forehead to mine as he takes a deep breath. His nose brushes along mine, his whisper on my lips. “Not anymore, I’m done with that, and I’m done with not kissing you. All you have to do is say no, precious girl. But please, please….just say yes.”

Ah sweet innocent young new love, that is exactly what Evan and Laney share. For years Evan was always there for Laney, and to Laney he was just a guy, but her best friend, and now they were exploring more. It was so sweet watching them explore and grow and learn about each other on this new path for them.

Of course something always seems to happen and their plan to go to college together is sidetracked. Laney makes things easy and they go back to being friends in hopes of neither of them hurting each other, but silently hoping he will always be hers and vice versa.

Then it happens Laney and her college roommate join in on a college tradition and meet what become Laney’s best friends while roaming from room to room meeting people. Of course among those are the ever gorgeous Dane, Tate’s little brother.

“I was telling Laney and Bennett here that you can’t stand to be away from your big bro.”

Dane turns to us, and Good Lord…I hope their parents are breeding professionally because they’d make a fortune! If big brother is hot, then little brother is illegal, immoral, and too damn pretty not to be a girl. This guy seriously belongs on the cover of “World’s Sexiest Reason to Drop Your Panties.”

WTF? Where did that come from? It may be the dirtiest thought I’ve ever had and I feel vulgar that it crossed my mind. But seriously, you’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to notice this guy…or a lesbian.

Nope, pretty sure a lesbian would at least do a double-take.

And welcome to college – OMG hello Dane!!!! I knew right then Laney was in trouble, that Evan had competition, and that this story was going to get really good and I could not wait to turn the page and see what happens next.

The path that Dane and Laney take has its ups and downs, like a roller coaster. Gosh I give Dane credit for his patience and his honorable ways. Not many men would behave how he does with Laney and I was so taken back by that and very impressed. Laney has a past, a closet, but don’t we all. She has built up walls, pretty thick ones, and never realizes just how amazing she is, but everyone else see’s it.

“I will never kiss another man’s girl…but you’re not his, Laney. You’re not mine…yet. But you’re not his, either. So the way I see it, you’re kissable.”

I say nothing. I just open my eyes and look into his; if he can hear my yes in that, he can have my kiss.

“Last chance, Disney. Once I get a taste, I’m coming after you with everything I’ve got.”

I couldn’t say no right now if I wanted to, I can barely breathe. His words are so sexy; they stroke every part of me. He leans into me and I close my eyes.

“Open your eyes, Laney, look at me. Make damn sure you know it’s me kissing you, and don’t you ever hide from it.”

Oh my that is hot and tender all in one. I was like “GO LANEY GO” and “YEAH DANE YOU GO BOY!!” LOL, yeah yeah I know that means I have chosen a side but hey what can I say he won me over too. LOL Okay I know, Evan, and I felt the angst that Laney goes through, not wanting to hurt either guy, what she felt for Evan, what she is feeling for Dane, that internal battle, that tug-o-war. Tough position to be in, especially when you are so new to the big world.

All I can say is you have to read this to find out who she finally chooses, to find out what happens, there is so much to this story beyond Laney, Dane and Evan, the relationships with all of the friends and characters in the story. There are tear jerker's, tense moments, tough decisions, heart wrenching moments and so much more.

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