Sunday, October 6, 2013

Book Review Seduced by the Storm (ACRO, #3) by Sydney Croft

Seduced by The Storm
Arco # 3
by Sydney Croft

Reviewed by:Angels
Published by :Delta Source:Purchased Copy
                Gene:Paranormal Romance/Erotica


They met in a steamy Florida bar—then spent a night of mind-bending passion. Two secret agents who each possess unique telekinetic gifts—and whose combined sexual powers leave neither of them unscathed. For ex-Navy SEAL Wyatt Kennedy, assigned by the Agency for Covert Rare Operatives to the most treacherous mission of his career, the woman in black leather and lace has just become more than a one-night stand. Because Faith Black is the sole barrier to the success of his mission—and not even Wyatt’s legendary seduction skills can penetrate her deep cover.

Faith’s psychic gifts make her one of the world’s most dangerous women—but she hides a secret pain she shares with no one. Until Wyatt. And Faith has an agenda of her own: using her unique powers to save someone close to her—a move that pits her against a man she thought she’d never see again. For as a deadly hurricane is unleashed across the eastern seaboard, desire reignites between Faith and Wyatt, exposing secrets that thrust them both into harm’s way. With the hurricane sweeping closer—and their erotic hunger for each other growing—these two wary hearts must come together to heal, to trust and to harness the power of a storm that could consume everything in its path.

My Thoughts & Review

This was one hot read from beginning to the end. Tons of action and suspense.Wyatt Kennedy telekinetic his mission is to sabotage a man man weather machine that is being used for evil means.Wyatt meets Faith at a bar is asks Wyatt to play along as she is hiding from someone and pretending she doesn't want to see or talk to.The two have an instant attraction to one another and have a wild night and some very hot sex. Wyatt is enjoying himself immensely as his ability has a rare disadvantage anyone he sleeps with never remembers even meeting him or doing the dirty.

Although Wyatt didn't know it Faith has the same abilities but, more powerful.They meet on the rig where Wyatt is undercover and runs into Faith there and she remembers there night together and what came before that ,its mind-boggling to him.Both operatives are working toward the same goal but, for different reasons and agencies.Danger and betrayal are in the works.

These two made a cute couple especially for Wyatt as he is never been able to have a relationship will his ability because of its side effects.They are one passionate couple with who are constantly having some really hot sex but, then again the sexual arousal is part of what's feeding Wyatt's gift.

This couple deserves to be together but, there relationship is doomed from the beginning as each party has a different thought on what's the right thing do about there mission, but, Wyatt's is very clear if he doesn't destroy it many people will die!The other characters from the other books and there agency's operatives grace our pages again in this story playing there part in this dangerous mission.

This was and enjoyable and one very Hot Read. Found the characters to engaging and sincere.There was just enough mystery and danger to keep you intrigue and on the edge.Quite the page turner.Recommended Read and its series !