Saturday, June 15, 2013

Book Review for Colonization Paradise Reclaimed (Book #1) By Aubrie Dionne


Paradise Reclaimed (Book #1)

By Aubrie Dionne

Reviewed by:Tonya
Published:Inkspell Publishing
Source:author Gene: young adult

About Book


Finding a new home has never been so dangerous.
Andromeda has spent all seventeen years of her life aboard a deep space transport vessel destined for a paradise planet. Her safe cocoon is about to break open as Paradise 21 looms only one month away, and she must take the aptitude tests to determine her role on the new world and her computer assigned lifemate. As a great-granddaughter of the Commander of the ship, she wants to live up to her family name. But, her forbidden love for her childhood friend, Sirius, distracts her and she fails the tests. The results place her in a menial role in the new colony and pair her with Corvus, “the oaf”.
But when Andromeda steps foot on Paradise 21, her predestined future is the least of her worries. Alien ghosts from a failed colonization warn her of a deadly threat to her colony. And when Sirius’s ship crashes on the far ridge in an attempt to investigate, she journeys to rescue him with Corvus.
Andromeda now must convince the authorities of the imminent danger to protect her new home. What she didn’t expect was a battle of her own feelings for Sirius and Corvus.
Can she save the colony and discover her true love?

My Thoughts

Andromeda has a destiny, one she doesn’t think she is right for. Why her? That is what she thinks. Always feeling like she was in the deep end struggling and never getting anywhere. She loved the adventures her and Sirius went on, she slacked off, didn’t study hard enough even though she knew how important it was, and what the outcome could mean.
Sirius is the handsome guy who gets Andromeda’s heart all in a flutter, but also seems to get her into trouble. It seems like every adventure they go on something always happens. Though you sort of can’t blame them for these adventures. Being stuck on a ship out in space headed to the unknown, the uncertain – I too would be going stir crazy.
Andromeda’s parents expect so much of her, she knows it, she feels it and struggles with it. All she wants is to be with Sirius. And as an important day comes that will determine what job she will have and who her life partner will be once they get to their new paradise arrives she realizes at the last minute how much she wish she had prepared. I got to tell you I was never one for taking tests in school but I was sitting there yelling at her saying come one wake up girl, one your great grandfather is like in charge of the entire ship you are on – you got this girl – you can do it – but get off your keaster and study already. LOL Well lets just say she is wishing she had studied harder. Thought happy with her job she is devastated with her life partner she is assigned to.
On a strange new planet with a new life, job and life partner she never wanted slowly Andormeda starts to expand and try to do better. I actually love her sometimes petulant attitude, thought it seems to always get her into some kind of predicament I can understand at her age why she would feel the way she does. And slowly she starts to see things and people in a different light. She also see’s things that scare her and cause her to fear for her life and those of her people and their new colony.
The trouble this girl gets into when they first arrive just makes you want to slap your head and go “Doih!” not again Andromeda – seriously didn’t you realized after the first one. But what I really liked was how Corvus her life partner continued to support her after every one of them and even took her on an adventure that I just have to say was pretty darn cool if you asked me.
With people falling sick, strange things that she keeps seeing, Andromeda and her mom struggle to find out what is making people sick and killing them, and she is struggling with what to do with what she has seen. She is determined to figure it out and keep the people of her new colony safe no matter what it takes. But will anyone believe her?
She is afraid to say anything, people would think her crazy, I mean come on its Andromeda. I know I probably would if I hadn’t watched all her escapades – LOL. But she is on a mission to find out what is out there, what is causing all this, she enlists someone she thinks she can trust and hopes she is right. But something happens (doesn’t it always) and now she has to make it right. But the one person who comes out to help her surprises her, and she see’s him in a whole new light.
I loved this book – loved the angst and struggles of Andromeda. I can’t say typical teenage girl because I have never met a teenage girl who has lived on a ship floating around space all her life headed to a planet they only know about from research teams, a great grandfather who has lived hundreds of years and runs the ship. Yeah can’t really say she is typical in our standards, but I get her struggles, I get her not wanting to go to the unknown, to stay where she feels safe, and secure, and she knows what is there and what is next… or does she.
This book was super good – now onto book 2….