Sunday, March 24, 2013

Book Review for Honeymoon Bite by Sharon Hamilton

Honeymoon Bite

4 stars
Reviewed by: Tonya
Published: by Sharon Hamilton 
 Source: Gifted Copy 
Genre: Paranormal Romance

About Book

Anne caught her husband cheating with the maid of Honor before their wedding cake was cut. She decided to take her planned and paid for honeymoon in Tuscany, alone. On the evening of what was to be her wedding night, she gets bitten by a female vampire.

Marcus Monteleone has waited three hundred years to find his fated female, only to discover her dying in his arms. He saves Anne's life by turning her, and then works to gain her trust, to cope with being a newly-formed golden vampire.

But when Anne finds out Marcus has not been completely truthful about his past, she vows to live as a human, and shuns the vampire world. Alone and unprotected, she falls prey to the very villainess who took her human soul, and who now takes the only man she’s ever loved.

Which lover will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the other before they both are lost?

My Thoughts

1st let me say I was given this book for an honest review - now that aside sit back and prepare yourself for my review - LOL

Can we say - COLD SHOWER - okay ladies let me first say before you begin reading this book have a damp cool rag, a ice cold glass of sweat tea or be prepared for a cold shower because let me tell you the steam that comes from this book is enough to fill your room, cut it with a knife thick.

I don't want to put any spoilers in here but lets just say I love how Sharon starts the book with a marriage that failed right from the very start - it wasn't one of those picture perfect weddings that goes off without a hitch and they bride and groom run off on a wonderful honeymoon and then something tragic happens. No instead the wedding is a disaster and the bride runs off on the honeymoon on her own only to wind up in trouble, serious trouble, vampire trouble of course.

I also love how the vampires are different in this story they are not your average burn in the sun, twinkle like Twilight's Edward and go around wreaking tons of havoc around the world. Anne is not a vampire slayer in this book which I also liked. I actually even like how Anne becomes a vampire (okay a small spoiler there - sorry).

How Anne reacts and what she does after becoming a vampire are very well written and you can feel what she is going through as she changes and no it isn't rip their heads off and drain all their blood leaving behind a slew that mangled dead bodies either. I like how Marcus comes into her life from all of this to guide her for reasons I wont tell (spoiler lol) but like a typical man forgets that women need to know everything and you cant keep parts of it out so yeah he mucks that up. But I promise all will be alright.

The sex scenes are truly amazing and again refer to my opening paragraph trust me they are super - nuff said there right.

The ending had me on the edge of my seat I was like OMG no way this can not be happening but it was and well all I can say is hurry and get the book and find out what happens to Anne and Marcus.