Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Corruption of the Heart Jessica Manson Blog Tour & Giveaway

Corruption of the Heart
Jessica Manson
Publication date: January 3rd 2017
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Lilith Carson was a normal girl whose parents died suddenly. She moves to a different state with her aunt, and she cuts herself off from everyone. Until one day, when her crush appears beside her in the library. From there, they fall in love, fast and hard.
Lilith finds out that when she turns eighteen, she will transform into a Vampire-Witch hybrid. When a vampire conceives a female, that female already has a mate chosen for her. When Lilith was conceived, there was a mistake. Her world is turned upside down when she must choose between two guys she barely knows.
Lilith has chosen the guy of her dreams and has settled into a life that she thinks is perfect. But nothing is ever as it seems. She will soon face the ultimate betrayal by someone she loves deeply.
I sat very impatiently waiting on Parker and Bristol to show up. When the doorbell finally rung it nearly startling me. Opening the door, I was shocked at who was on the other side, “Odin? What are you doing here?”“What? I can’t come see MY girlfriend?” he asked in a bitter tone.“What is wrong with you?” I asked shocked at myself for trying to put the blame on him when I know too well that he is hurting.“I see the two of you together Lilith. You think I don’t, but I do.”“You see who?”“Don’t play stupid with me. You and Parker. I see how you stare at him. It’s the same way you used to stare at me. And I see how he stares at you with so much want. He wants you but he doesn’t want to follow the rules like everyone else. He doesn’t want to fall in line like the rest. He doesn’t like being told who he ends up with. Yet he is glad it is you. He wants you Lilith but he can’t have you. He vowed he wouldn’t.”“What are you talking about Odin? You aren’t making any sense.”“Lilith I need to know where I stand with you. Am I still your boyfriend or do you choose Parker?”“I have no clue what you are talking about. Parker and I are just friends.”“You won’t be for long. Lilith you must choose. You are the only one who can.” he said with such hurt in his eyes. I suddenly felt guilt rising up in me as I looked at him. How could I do this to him? How could I be this person to cause so much hurt in someone else? He started to walk off but turned to say, “Remember Lilith you are the only one who can choose.”“Odin please tell me what you are talking about. You aren’t making any sense and it is starting to scare me.”
He walked over to me and pulled me into him for a kiss. The heat wanted to rise to the surface but was muffled by something else. I wanted to want him but I just couldn’t. Letting go of me he said, “They are here I will see myself out.” 

Author Bio:
Jessica started writing when she was 10 years old. She started out writing poetry which has been published in several Poetry Society books as well as on the Internet. She won the Publisher’s Choice Award for her poem A Lost Soul. She has always had an addiction to reading which is what lead her to become an author. Her debut book is Corruption of the Heart.



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