Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Book Review for Killer by Layla Valentine

by Layla Valentine
Reviewed by: Angels
Format: Kindle
Published: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Source: ARC
Genre: Bad Boy Romance


He's a killer. And he’s taking me for a ride.

Jack Hardy. Navy SEAL. Convicted murderer. I thought I’d seen the last of those piercing blue eyes, and that sculpted, dangerous body. Until I found out he’d escaped from prison.

He’s in my apartment, waiting for me in the dark. He jumps me, and tells me we're going for a drive. But what does he want with me, the woman who exposed his crime and put him behind bars?


I've got my eye on her. Cassandra Holloway: straight-cut, law-abiding journalist. The woman who made it her mission to put me away.

And now, she’s the only one who can help me. Sure, I need her to keep me clear my name—but it doesn’t hurt that she’s hotter than a five-alarm fire.

She’s never been bad like I’ve been bad, but this time, she's gonna get dirty.

I’m going to prove to her I didn’t do it, and we’re going to find the one who did…

KILLER is a steamy romantic thriller; the story of a tenacious journalist, and a hard-bodied criminal, wrongfully accused of murder, and their journey to expose the truth, confronting their own blistering hot passions along the way! It’s a stand alone, with a guaranteed HEA!

This was a light fun read .The characters had chemistry and sparks between them.I found that they both had a sense of humor.I found the story to flow quickly as Jack and Cass team up to prove him innocent of  a murder he has already been convicted of. I enjoyed the plot that had a reporter and and ex navy seal /bounty hunter teaming up as they made a cute couple and worked well together. They both had different strengths in their abilities which were needed to solve this murder together I found Jack and Cass as characters to be quite like able.

I enjoyed the story but , for me it lacked  that heightened suspense that a story like this needs especially when you have a character like Jack with that bad boy rep .There weren't really enough twists or mishaps thrown in the mix as they say for me and I felt that the story just got solved way to quickly .

But, that being said  I would  give this author works another try after reading this tale.

ARC copy provided for a honest review we are giving it 3 stars.

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