Friday, April 21, 2017

Bad Boy Neighbor by Maddie King Now Available with Review

Title: Bad Boy Neighbor
Author: Maddie King
Genre: Erotic Novella
Release Date: April 21, 2017

My neighbor is an arrogant prick.

I’ve lived across the street from him for three years and I’m fed up with his constant partying. He’s the neighborhood bad boy and everyone is afraid to confront him - everyone but me.

When I go to put my foot down one night, I’m in for much more than I thought.
He’s going to show me who the boss of the neighborhood is and he doesn’t care if I like it or not.
“It's quick, it's fast-paced and it's definitely very sexy!” - Reader Review
“This is an entertaining, fun, quick, sexy, and hot story. This author never lets her readers down and this is another wonderful storyline from her.” - Wendy’s Book Blog
“Bad Boy Neighbor is totally hot and filthy just how I like it .” - Reader Review
This was one hot read from beginning to end.I found the characters to be engaging, funny, hot, had amazing sexual chemistry together.I loved the sexual games they played together as you new that bad boy was going to get his just deserts . He was going to get caught in the web of his own making.Grinning.I have to say that I laughed throughout this whole book. I thought the characters were really funny.

Omg and Wow come to mind ! Right from the get go !Steamy raunchy dirty bedroom scenes that did not just happen just in the bedroom but everywhere and in public making this a exceptional hot erotic read that made your panties wet and have you fanning yourself. LOL

I have to say that my favorite scene with Brooke and Xander is in the office when their having sex and him talking to her through the whole thing. .I laughed so hard Xander is to cocky for his own good.

Xander was the type of character that is a complete a-hole,cocky,rude but omg totally sex on a stick that would tempt any women with a smile and crook of his finger .You new that you would definitely burn in that man's arms as well as his bed. Just my type !

Love the story from cover to cover.It was fast paced,steamy dirty, and humorous with a lot of fun characters.
Recommend read and I will be definitely be picking more books up by this author.

5 stars from us


Maddie King is an everyday family woman, but when the night comes, she's an undercover freak writing naughty stories with feisty heroines and sexy, irresistible alpha males. All of her books are HEA guaranteed.