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Two Week Book Tour For Remember Me by Roisin Black from Dec 1 To Dec 18 201

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book info remember me cover gifTitle: Remember Me Author: Roisin Black Audience: Adult Genre: Contemporary Romance Formats: E-book and Paperback Publisher: Rosemary Molloy Cover by: Pro_ebookcovers on Fiverr Editor: Rosemary Molloy Pages: 110 pages ASIN: BOON9BGVPU Date Published: September 2014   blurb
Flynn Murphy is head-turning handsome, mouth-wateringly sexy and incredibly rich. He’s also the new owner of Carra House, one of Ireland’s finest historical houses and the primary instrument of his revenge on those who have wronged him in the past. His wolf-like eyes hide a secret and the time has come to settle old scores and to ensure that those who barely remember him, will never be able to forget him again. But will his ruthless pursuit of vengeance for the past, cost him the chance of a future he never imagined possible.

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His wild raven coloured hair had been tamed into a “short back and sides” and no longer hid his eyes. “Wolf eyes,” one of his former girlfriends had called them and he supposed she hadn’t been too far off the mark. They were his greatest asset and just as the wolf watched and waited to make his move, so he had watched with his “wolf eyes” all those years and made move after move that had paid off. Now, only a few more moves remained in his endgame with the Smiths. Annabel Smith looked incredible. The years had been kind and she looked as good now as she had done in all the years when she had reigned as Queen Bee at every teenage disco. He remembered watching from his place in the shadows and how she had dispensed her precious attention like queens of old would award favours. Of course only the wealthy and handsome had needed to apply. Flynn hadn’t even been at the ball. So, it would seem presenting himself as the bait had worked. She wanted him or at least she wanted Flynn Murphy and all that his apparent wealth could bring her. “Kiss me,” he whispered into her ear. He didn’t have to ask twice. She kissed him like a hawk might strike its prey…. She lowered her head and kissed him with an intensity that made his head spin. After a few minutes she came up for air. “Mmmmm,” she murmured, “I adore the taste of whiskey on a man.” Grace O’Malley had seen a few things in her time as weekend receptionist in the Grand Hotel but nothing quite like Flynn Murphy, barefoot in a pair of trousers, as he paced the foyer, his shirt hanging open to reveal the type of torso she’d only ever seen on male models in glossy magazines.


Angels with Attitude - Author Interview

What would you have done differently if you were the main character of your book ?

Hmmm..... I think Flynn might live to regret what happened between himself and Annabel in the hotel room..... So I suppose I would have held a tighter grip on my desire but then again Annabel Smith is a helluva force to be reckoned with!

What was your inspiration behind this book? 

Remember Me was inspired by a dance I had with a guy a few years ago.  This tall, gorgeous guy with a rock-hard body asked me to dance.  This was when slow dances were still a feature of a night out - something I believe doesn't happen anymore - anyway he pulled me closer to him and when I asked him his name, he told me I already knew it.  He told me I knew him!  I was having none of it and was sure he was winding me up because I never forget a face or a name - never! He chuckled happily as we danced and he teased me with details of my life and it became clear he really DID know me.  He pulled me close into him and told me not to worry that if I hadn't remembered his name by the end of the song he would tell me.  He really held me close after that and it was as if he wanted to savour the dance and having me in his arms -  as if this was something he had dreamed of doing for a long time.  When the song finished he whispered his name in my ear and I was left flabbergasted.  I had just danced with the "nobody boy" from school.  The guy with the strange name who only got any attention because of his name.  In school he hadn't been all that tall, his hair was a mass of uncontrollable black curls and his eyes were constantly averted.  This guy was over six foot, all muscle, hair tamed into a crew cut and his eyes twinkled with mischief  and fun.  I was incredulous as he thanked me for the dance and walked away.  Only for I had this experience, I would never have believed such a transformation was possible but I saw it with my own eyes.  I always thought how handy that would be if you wanted to get your revenge on people from your past and that is how the story idea for Remember Me was born.

Why did you become a writer?

I became a writer because it was the only thing that made sense to me given my imagination and ability with the English language.  I'm rubbish at most other things!
Do you have a favorite author or authors?
Mia Sheridan, Amy Harmon, Liliana Hart, Stephenie Meyer, Suzanne Collins, George R.R. Martin, Thomas Hardy, Jane  Austen, The Bronte Sisters, Marian Keyes, Ian McEwan and Stieg Larsson.

Do you like to write your books in a continuing series? 

Most of my ideas are standalone stories but I am planning a three book series in the future featuring a very unique and strong female lead.

If you could date any character from any book, who would it be and why?

Oooh - that's a hard one to answer.  I was always  team Jacob (Twilight) so I suppose he'd have to be on the list.  I also love the alpha males in Kaylea Cross' romantic suspense stories, especially Bauer in Hunted but for interesting conversation it would have to be Sherlock Holmes. 

What kinds of books do you like to read in your spare time?

I am a big fan of crime fiction and devoured books by Patricia Cornwell, James Patterson, Michael Connelly and Tess Gerritsen.  However, in recent times I've enjoyed romance and in particular romantic suspense such as Kaylea Cross' books.  I also enjoy some fantasy such as George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones and good paranormal romance.  I very much appreciate beautiful writing so often I will check out literary prize winners and read them, this is how I came to read Ian McEwan's Atonement, one of my all time favorite reads.

As a reader and writer I think it is important to get to know your fans and make a connection with them as an author who takes the extra step to hear what their fans think and want in their continued writing is continued success and key to selling more books .Do you agree with that?

I think we live in an amazing time where authors can establish very real connections with their readers.  So often in the past authors have remained distant, mysterious characters only revealing a portion of themselves in rare interviews when they were publishing a new book.  I think it's great that I have the opportunity to connect with my readers via my blog and social media.  I'm a bit precious about my blog as it is where I very much reveal myself and the inspiration behind my stories.  It's a very authentic space and I feel this is very important in a world where so many people are trying to sell you something.  If all that translates into selling more books then that's fine by me.

Do you cry when writing sad scenes?

Not so far!  One of my stories - Over Your Dead Body - dredged up stuff from my past that affected me but there were no tears involved.  Then again, I'm not prone to crying.....

Did you have a Cover Designer?

I used a wonderful girl called Angie at pro_ebookcovers on Fiverr.  I can't recommend her highly enough.  Fiverr is an amazing resource for Indie authors.

Who is your fictional boyfriend or girlfriend crush? 

Archer Hale from Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan.  I also like Declan from Down And Out by Kelley R. Martin and Bauer from Kaylea Cross' Hunted. However, Colonel Brandon in Jane Austen's Sense And Sensibility is a long-time favorite.

If you were able to dine and have a one on one with your favorite writer/author who would it be?

I think Liliana Hart would be great fun and Marian Keyes is hilarious, so either of them would make for a great night.

Do just re-read your favorite books?

I never really re-read books.  I might re-read excerpts but not the whole book.  There are so many books on my "to read" list that I don't have time to re-read old books!

Do you ever get in a reading slump like your readers do? 

No.  I think my tastes are too eclectic for that.

What is the funniest book you ever read?

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams.  Blott On The Landscape by Tom Sharpe.  The Whiskey series of books by Liliana Hart are  also quite funny.

about the author clip_image005Róisín Black comes from the West of Ireland, a place where storytelling is a way of life. She's a dreamer, a wanderer and a writer. In amongst extensive wandering and dreaming she has managed to carve out a successful career as a journalist, hold-down a marriage, produce two amazing children and spend her time with some pretty cool dogs. She currently lives in Queensland, Australia but probably not for long. media links Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Amazon clip_image006clip_image003[1]clip_image008clip_image009clip_image010 follow the tour
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