Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Book Review for Tryst ( A Take It of Novel # 8) by Cambria Hebert

A Take It of Novel #8
by Cambria Hebert

5 stars
Reviewed by : Tonya
Format : Kindle Edition
Published by : Cambria Hebert
Source: Gifted Copy
Gene: Erotic Romance


Sometimes all a girl needs is a little fling…

Talie Ronson needs a vacation.

From life. 

Since she caught her cheating, loser husband in bed with his assistant, her life has been on a steady spiral—right into hell. Her car’s a junker, her job sucks, and her perfect, gorgeous sister likes to brag about her wonderful life every time they “do” lunch.

In an effort to salvage what’s left of her life and her sanity, she takes the advice of her kooky best friend and takes off to Topsail Island. A week at the beach, alone, is exactly what she needs to recharge, regroup, and relax.

Only, her alone time is about to get derailed.

Gavin Palmer’s favorite activity is walking around in his boxers and eating junk food. He and his neighbors have an understanding. They stay out of his business and he stays out of theirs. He lives at the beach, not for vacation, but for isolation. He’s had enough of people to last him a lifetime.

Gavin’s isolation is interrupted when his normally quiet neighbor starts disturbing his peace. He stomps across the sand to give the guy a piece of his mind… only it isn’t a guy. 

It’s Talie.

She’d maddening, nosy, and talks too much. 

But she’s hot and her bedroom eyes have him thinking maybe he’s had enough solitude. Maybe a week of company is exactly what he needs.

Maybe what they both need is a no-strings-attached tryst.

Our Review

Tryst by Cambria Hebert –

(5 Star All The Way)

First let me say if you haven’t read any of the books in the “Take It Off” series then you are really missing out. Each stand alone is amazing and each one only gets better. I can’t even say I have a favorite because I have loved each and every one of them. But Tryst, well let’s just say Talie and Gavin won me over and as of this moment I have a favorite. 

Here are a few of my favorite moments:
I picked up the pen. “Sign the papers.” 
His eyes widened.
“If you think I’m the type of girl who will sit home and take care of your kids while you go shove your dick into any hole that will take you, just so I can have the prestige of your name, then you have no clue who the hell you married.” 
Twin spots of pink flushed his cheeks. “That was crude.” 
“Yeah? Well, it’s nothing compared to what I’m thinking.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Please don’t kill me!” I burst out. 
A laugh floated through the night air and wrapped around my body. He put one of his hands on the door so that it rested where the window should be, his fingers falling down the inside of the door. 
I snatched the keys out of the ignition and swung down to stab the fleshy part of the back of his hand. Seconds before I made him bleed, he jerked away.
“I’m not going to murder you!” he shouted. 
“Don’t you yell at me!” I retorted. 
“You tried to stab me!” 
“You tried to kill me!”
“I stopped to see if you needed help. You know, because your junker car here stopped working.”
“How dare you call it a junker?” I fumed. My car definitely was a junker, but I wasn't about to let him insult me. I’d had enough of men to last me a lifetime. 
“Sweetheart, I call it like I see it,” he drawled.
Damn if I didn't get goose bumps. His voice was like the velvet sky I was admiring only moments ago. “Well, okay, it’s a piece of crap.” I allowed. Obviously, his southern accent was making me stupid. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He pushed one of my legs over the back of the sofa and then pushed the other one so far open that my foot rested on the coffee table. 
“Stay open for me,” he growled and lowered his mouth. 
Oh. My Goodness. His tongue had a master’s in vagina-ology. I’m pretty sure I embarrassed myself with the cries that came out of my mouth, but I scarcely heard them. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That is just a small taste of what is in store for you when you pick up and begin reading Cambria Hebert’s latest Take It Off Book – Tryst. Now tell me, how can you not want to read that book? 

There is no easy way to put this, Talie’s husband is an Arse, plain and simple, big fat hairy Arse. And if I was able to I would so give him a swift kick in the dangly parts. I mean seriously, what a flipping putz that man is and Cambria does an amazing job with his character, and when I read this all I could think about was my ex. Yep no lie, same thing, same person, I swear she must have read my story somewhere lol. 
But Talie that girl, short in stature but HUGE in back bone. You go girl!!!! I would support her for her decisions from here to kingdom come and back. I am so glad her friend pushed her to take some time away at Aunt Ruthie’s place, even if the devil’s spawn cat lived there lol. I mean come on, a neighbor as delicious and downright melt you in all the right places hot. Who could ever pass that up.

Mind you its not all ohhey-gooey. But this story is going to have your eyes popping out in shock, your hands holding your stomach in laughter, then grabbing the tissue (Gavin’s story), and ohhing and ahhing and all that good stuff. 

I am going to tell you – I was right upset with Cambria when I finished reading this book. Why you ask – well dang it because it never fails I cannot pick up one of her books and put it back down, so here comes 3 o’clock in the morning and I am done and like Oh. My. God. my alarm is going off in 3 hours I am so going to be looking like Medusa for sure. LOL 

This book really touched home for me. I went through a similar situation that Talie did as far as the husband cheating goes so my heart broke for her the moment she learned. My heart leapt when she met the pain in the butt Gavin, you could literally feel his presence as Cambria is describing him from Talie’s POV. I love how Cambria wrote this story, it is a bit different than the others, but it was so good, no that isn’t right, it was perfect. You are going to ride the roller coaster of emotions, laughing one minute when the demon cat is attacking Talie, to full out belly laughs when Gavin is constantly coming to her rescue, to bawling when hearts are broken. I won’t ruin or spoil but like I said before this is by far my absolute favorite “Take It Off” series book.