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Promo For Roanoke Vanishing Book One of The Vanishing Series with Author Auburn Seal

The Vanishing Series, #1

A New Adult/Adult Historical Mystery

By Auburn Seal

Released October 30, 2013

Published by Keys Publishing House


When The Lost Colony of Roanoke vanished mysteriously in the late sixteenth century, Elinor Dare’s fate–and that of her family–was lost to the world. Now it’s 2013 and Avery Lane, an over-zealous master’s student, is determined to find out what happened to those who disappeared from England’s first colony.
The Descendants have discovered her interest and will stop at nothing to ensure the secret remains buried. Elinor, her spirit having lingered for more than four hundred years, is Avery’s only chance to evade the Descendants and solve one of America’s most intriguing mysteries.


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Author’s Take on Avery Lane from ROANOKE VANISHING
By Auburn Seal

          Avery Lane is the modern-day main character in Roanoke Vanishing. She was really fun to explore as a character. She is very focused and determined about things that she is passionate about, often at the detriment of her relationships. Her research, and obsession with history, becomes the reason her relationship ends with her high school sweetheart. Avery absolutely has a one-track mind and because of that, she can come across as a little shallow.
          They are examples all through this novel of her putting her work ahead of her friends. She actually feels things very deeply, but buries it. She runs from her emotions and refuses to deal with them. When she throws herself head long into a project, it's because she doesn't want to face the reality of grief or fear in her life. By focusing on the past and the people who lived there, she is able to displace her own emotions.
          Unfortunately for her, the people of history that she comes to know so well have suffered very difficult hardships and so she is forced to deal with these emotions one way or another.
          Avery eats constantly. It's her thing. Part of her routine. I had a lot of fun developing that part of her. We all have something we do to feel better, to cope and characters in books are no different. It certainly didn't hurt my feelings to research different restaurants!
          My goal with Avery is for her to find a way to save herself. To show that people, women in particular, can be damaged in some way—emotionally stunted--and still be strong.
          In some ways, some of myself sneaks into Avery's character. I tend to stuff my emotions instead of dealing with them. Also, I'm fairly determined like Avery and have a love of history. But she is also a mash-up of other people. Complex characters are best and we will learn much more about Avery in subsequent books as she faces additional challenges that force her to deal with some of her trauma. 

Auburn Seal enjoys zipping through life in the lovely Pacific Northwest where she finds herself surrounded by a great family—one super-cool husband and three awesome children—and gorgeous scenery. 
She is a fair-weather blogger (it’s possible she has commitment issues), and has a unique ability to weave the dead into her stories. 
Auburn graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Student Loans. Oops, Justice Studies. Note the irony. Still, Go Sun Devils!
One of her favorite activities is getting to know new people, so send her an e-mail and check out her website.

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