Saturday, March 8, 2014

Book Review for This Girl Stripped by Dawn Robertson

This Girl Stripped

by Dawn Robertson


Reviewed by:Tonya


Published:Dawn Robertson

Source:ARC  Gene: Paranormal Romance


My innocence was shattered one steamy October night, when I sold my soul to the devil to pay for a week in a dirty motel room. 
Thinking I could rid myself of him, I fled the safety of the nomad lifestyle I had embraced my entire life for the security of a small upstate New York town, alongside my big sister Star.

What I never anticipated was a green eyed stranger that would steal my heart and never look back. And a dark eyed man on a motorcycle, who would teach me how to trust again. Both of them completely shattering every wall I ever put up to keep men out of my vulnerable world. 

I am Paisley Bloom, and this is my devastating story

Our Review

I have been so excited to read this book because I fell head over heels in love with the Hers series so I couldn’t wait to see what was next in the lives of Seven, Levi, Star, Chrome and now Paisley and River. And of course when you start off like this I know what to expect from Dawn – a story that is going to move me for sure.

“When I open my eyes, I meet the most piercing set of green eyes I’d ever seen. His jaw was square. His hair was long and brown, pulled back into a lose ponytail at his nape. Theres a long scar that runs under his eye, and when our eyes meet, he flashes me the most beautiful smile. I forget that I’m on stage in front of hundreds of perverts and focus on him alone.

He was the man that would make my every nightmare come to life. I just didn’t know it yet.

And after reading just the first few chapters I knew this book was going to be an emotional roller coaster for sure. What Paisley goes through in the beginning is so heart breaking it tore at my heart, I was crying right along with her. What Paisley goes through, what she loses, the pain she deals with after just tears at you. I want to reach through the pages, pull her into my arms, kiss her forehead, and make all the bad go away. I think what if that were my daughter – oh no maybe that isn’t a good idea because “ZANE YOU’D BE DEAD ALREADY” lol – okay okay momma bear calm down – breath, deep breath!!!

Paisley already came from a very rough upbringing, her life was no bed of roses, if you have read the first few books in this series you know what her parents were like, what her nasty brother was like, what happened to her family. The one thing she had held onto, the one thing she prized and cherished is stripped away from her in one hellish night.

As always Dawn delivers amazing characters, she brings you back to the original characters like Seven, Levi, Star, Chrome and River and introduces some new ones Paisley, Zane, Diesel and Ryker. Her introduction of the characters, her description of them it is like you are seeing them appear right before your very eyes. Oh that Diesel, hmmmm what a dish he is, okay I wasn’t expecting his um proclivity lol (read to see) but the fact he was willing to give that all up for Paisley…WOW!!!! And the fact he was willing to give it up and not gain from it even more WOW!!!

“Paisley, I can’t tell you what to do. But, what I am going to do is let you go. If you’re meant to be mine, you’ll come back to me.” His boots hit the floor and he stands making his way for the door.

I feel like my heart was just ripped out and trampled on. But, maybe this is best? Maybe this is what’s supposed to happen? Maybe this needs to happen so we all can move on with our lives?


Without a word he turns around, and his deep caramel eyes meet mine.

“Thank you,” I take a few steps, and wrap my arms around his neck, place a simple kiss on his cheek and let go. It’s what we all need.

Just when you thought bikers were all good for nothing, you have Chrome showing you differently in “Finding Willow” and then turn around and have “Diesel” reinforce that. Okay so some are bad – ah hem Zane… lol

Will Paisley every be able to get past what happened to her that fateful night, will she finally decide either River or Diesel or will they decide for her. Will she finally find happiness and the life she has always wanted and dreamed of? Well Dawn does one smashing job sharing Paisley’s story with you.

Oh I just want to say “HOLY HELL SEVEN!!!!” Dawn – FYI – I did not see that coming and that entire scene, down in the basement, the raw emotion during that entire scene – unbelievable –even to the end of the book that scene stayed with me. Of course Diesel and Paisley’s moment in the truck I loved that moment but that basement scene – EXCELLENT!!!!

This Girl Stripped was a UNABLETOPUTDOWN read – I swear I lost an entire days worth of time reading this book – but what can I say – it is that good – it was that worth it. Each story in this series is so amazing, each one with such deep, moving, touching stories. Each one written with passion that flows off the pages. And each one ends leaving you begging for more, begging for it not to end, I just can’t wait for the next book in this series.

Amazing job Dawn!!