Saturday, March 8, 2014

Book Review for Devil in Paradise by Susan Kearney

Devil in Paradise

by Susan Kearney


Reviewed by:Angels


Published:Bell Bridge Books

Source:ARC Netgallery 

Gene:Paranormal Romance


Ari Dillon is not your ordinary hero. He’s willing to lie, deceive, and hijack a private jet—all in the name of his cause. So if abducting billionaire Samantha Bessinger is the only way Ari can get her alone, he’ll do it. 

Real estate mogul Samantha has never met anyone like Ari. He’s charming, ruthless, and almost irresistible. Yet when he crash-lands her jet onto a deserted Caribbean island and reveals his shapeshifting secrets, she can’t deny he’s one of a kind.

But just because he shows her things she never knew were possible, doesn’t prove they are soul mates as he claims. While Samantha didn’t become a success by being a pushover, is she enough of a match for the devil in paradise?

Our Review

This was an enjoyable read.I know there are mixed reviews about this story but, I really enjoyed it.Love reading stories about the Lost Atlantis.

Love reading about shifters and the paranormal so this story was right up my alley and a love reading Susan's books.This story was different then other shifter stories in that the the characters involved shape themselves into sea creatures.But for new shifters there are dangers that can lead to death.

This story had like-able characters that I found to be fun , sincere,others focused and others who are used to being in charge and headstrong and opinionated.

Loved Ari 's character boy did I feel sorry for him.His chosen mate is not going to except him easily.He definitely had his work cut out for him.How do you convince a women who is a billionaire running her own company to give up her life to be your mate and live on and non existent lost island?I enjoyed being along with Ari on his mission to convince her.Not and easy task I might add.He bared his sole to her to show her all that he could offer to her.You feel sorry for him and a bit sad if he fails his task he will end up missing part of his own soul as there is only one mate for you in ones lifetime.

Loved Samantha's character she was feisty and fierce but also found her to be open-minded at the same time.I really thought she would be a bit different than she was.I mean who would believe that tales about to be spoken to her. What level headed women who was kidnapped would believe Ari's fantastic tale?Samantha is used to swimming with the sharks in her business world but the ocean ?

This was not and easy romance where you claim your mate.Your chosen mate faces all the dangers in claiming there bond.Both parties need to be sure of there feelings  of there trust in one another to have an desirable outcome  for both.

A fascinating tale.The description of the Island had you feeling that you were right there with them experiencing its beauty.This was a short read 71 pages.My only complaint with the story being so short that there romance was a bit rushed.There were a lot of factors against this relationship from the very beginning for this couple especially with Samantha never knowing who she was and what she really is.And then convince them to give up the kind of life that you have only ever known.Would loved to have  them as a couple to have had more time to fall in love.

I always look forward to Susan creating new exciting stories for me to read.