Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cover Reveal for "Anchor Me" by Stephanie Nicole Garza

The second book in the Pyro-Princess Design & Style series will soon be released. Check out the cover reveal Stephanie shared with her fans today.

“You know what your eyes are telling me/. They tell me the depth of your sorrow. They also show me a strength most people don’t have. We are the Anchor to each other.”-Nathan

Nathan Camden thought of Brianne as nothing more than Konner’s little sister. Until her seventeenth birthday. Where her teenage looks blossomed into the beauty before him. But she was still too young for the love and lust raging inside him thought.

Brianne O’Brian would love nothing more than to be with Nathan. Being labeled as nothing more than a little sister, she moves on. After six years and a big break up, Brianne finds herself thinking about Nathan. Then one dark and fateful night, changed her life forever.

Nathan finally comes home, but with demons haunting his sleepless nights. He wants to claim Brianne for his own and will stop at nothing to get her But what if the skeletons in his past, hurts their future?

They both have obstacles to overcome. Can their love for each other Anchor them? Or will they let their fears break them apart?