Friday, February 21, 2014

Book Review for Meant for Me by L.P. Dover

Meant for Me

by L.P.Dover

Reviewed by:Tonya
Published: L.P.Dover
Source:ARC  Gene: New Adult Contemporary Romance


After a night of raw passion with the man Claire O’Briene had been secretly admiring for years, she thought their time together had come once and for all. Fate had finally brought them back to each other, but unfortunately nothing had changed. He was still the same man who ran away from relationships. Against his better judgment, Mason Bradley gave in to the temptation and allowed himself one night with the one woman he’d been too afraid to want … too afraid to need. 

Six months after leaving Claire and regretting every minute of it, Mason gets called in for an undercover mission that’s not only dangerous, but brings back a past he spent years trying to forget. A past of fighting … of getting in the ring and using his fists to get what he wanted: money, women, and drugs. Now there are fighters turning up dead, and it’s Mason’s job to find out the truth. 

Knowing he might not come out of the mission alive, Mason seeks out Claire to tell her how he truly feels, only to find another man competing for her love as well. Fighting is what he’s good at, and for once he will be fighting not only for justice … but for love.

Our Review
I didn’t realize how empty my life had been until you slammed the door on my heart. Right then and there I knew I screwed up whatever chance I had to get you back, but I also knew something else … something I couldn’t deny any longer. 

You were meant for me and I was meant for you. If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’re going to get. I will win you back.’ ~ Mason

Oh what a way to lead into a story. Mason is a North Carolina cop and an ex MMA fighter. One good looking man with almost no family save a cousin in California and her best friend Claire. And Mason has to fight for Claire in more ways than one in this fight for your life story. 

Meant For Me is part of the “Second Chance” series by L.P. Dover. An absolutely gripping story. Murder, mystery, love, great sex scenes. There were moments I was yelling “HELLO WILL YOU GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR PATOOT” and then there were moments I was grabbing for the tissues only to turn around and start laughing. I didn’t want to put this book down and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next between Claire and Mason. 

Mason is trying to win back Claire at the same time he is trying to find out who murdered a dear friend of his. Claire is trying to not let Mason back in “so easily” and help him with his mission. I have to say she is one strong woman, from running a winery to dating a famous football player, to being chased by a hot cop and former MMA fighter, to fighting off bad guys. One tough cookie. 

Taking a seat on the bed, he placed his arms on both sides of me and leaned close so he could gaze into my eyes. “I want to be with you every single day, Claire. I want to make love to you and wake up to your smiling face for as long as I live. One day when we’re ready, I don’t care when it is, hell, it could be tomorrow for all I care, but I want you to be my wife. I love you so damn much it hurts. Before, all I’ve ever done is live for the job. I never even thought I would want a family of my own until you came and showed me what love could be like and how it felt. You’ve had me addicted ever since and now I want it all.”

OMG hello oh man, oh man, why can’t I find a dream guy like this, a cop, a fighter, a lover, and down right sexy. Oh I am so jealous. Mason does just what he says, he fights for Claire, through thre book he is fighting, for her heart, for her love and for her safety. 

This book is energetic and full of action, suspense and love. What a great addition to the “Second Chances” series

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