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Review for Falling for a Highland Rogue The Gilvys of Dunross Book #3 By Ann Lethbridge

Falling for a Highland Rogue
The Gilvys of Dunross Book #3
By: Ann Lethbridge

Reviewed by:Angels
Published: Harlequin Books
Source:ARC Net Gallery Gene:Romance



Disgraced lady Charity West lives in the dark world of the city's seedy underbelly. She's used and abused, yearning for freedom, and her distrust of men runs deep... until she meets Highland rogue Logan Gilvry.

Whisky runner Logan lives outside the law and is used to looking danger in the eye. Charity may just prove to be his most dangerous challenge yet. Her beauty is unrivaled, but it's her fire that lures Logan. He'll do anything to save Charity and even face her inevitable betrayal...

The Gilvrys of Dunross... Capturing Ladies' Hearts Across the Highlands

Our Review

Wow ! What a great story.A page turner from beginning to end full of love, adventure, mystery and attempted murder.This is a first time read for me by this author and I really enjoyed her story and her style of writing and will definitely look into her other novels.The cover of this book deserves thumbs up just love it it's awesome.

Really love the Gilvy family characters .There a bunch of crafty hot highlanders with a possessive and loving side to each and everyone of them and treat there women like gold.Can I have one please ? (LOL)I really enjoy the two main characters of this story Charity and Logan.Charity took a bit of warming up to as she ran hot and cold but, Logan I fell for the Hunky Highlander from the get go.I just love reading about those Highlanders so this story was just perfect for me.Call me a Highlander junkie if you will.

I always try and pick a favorite character to rave about when I read a story and my pick would have to be Logan.He was a smart crafty kind hearted man who never judged people or put people down due to there circumstances. He either liked you or he didn't. I love it when a man goes after want he wants knowing his is going to be and up hill battle.But, what do you expect when two strong personalities come together.Neither wants to give an inch.The chemistry between Logan and Charity was great the two just needed to be near each other and the fire began and the flames roared to life especially for Logan..They made the perfect match but, as always love is never easy. People with money power stand between this couple.There whole courtship is surrounded by danger and deceit.

I did enjoy Charity character even though she ran hot and cold.I do understand why she did some of the things she did and why.But, there were times that I really hated her for what she was doing to Logan.She had that man tied up in knots more times that not and kept breaking his heart.Charity was a strong women left alone in the world to fend for herself when she disgraced herself and her family threw her out.She became hard and driven to do what she must do to survive which I applaud her for but, in doing so she was mixed up in a plot with a very dangerous man .Her life was in jeopardy more times that not and for Logan as well.    

This was an awesome read so much always going on.What should have been a business deal that would be cut and dry turned out to be a dangerous game of cat and mouse.  You never knew who to trust you always had to out smart or out whit your opponent.  Danger lurked at every turn.Then combine that with falling in love for someone that may or not be good for you is another contender. Charity and Logan would make and awesome couple but, watching a relationship developed between these two you had some serious doubts if it would ever last to the bitter end.Logan fell head over heels.Charity on the other hand ran hot cold and secretive, crafty and unable to read if you could trust her motives or not . But, you never doubted that she had strong feelings for Logan  even when she was constantly pushing him away.  It broke my heart some of it was to prevent him from being in danger but, the other side of the coin it was that she just thought she was undeserving and not good enough for the love that Logan bore for her.    

A recommended  read to all. Enjoyable fast and intriguing read to keep you turning the pages.Looking forward to other books to read in this series and also other novels from this author as well.

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