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Book Review for Rain by Nicole Hurley-Moore


By: Nicole Hurley-Moore

Reviewed by:Angels
Published:Jupiter Garden Press
Source:Author Copy Gene: Paranormal Romance


1216 AD
Nuri is caught between heaven and hell. Two men fight for her love and her soul. The first is Maras, an elemental being who follows the storms. The second is Brother Erebus, a pious monk whose tortured soul is twisted by his desire for her. But Nuri may sacrifice more than her heart when the Church brands her angel a demon. As Brother Erebus will do anything to protect her soul from the silver haired devil, even if he has to crush her body to do it.

Our Review

What and enjoyable read from cover to cover.This is a first time read for me by this author and I really enjoyed it.

What a sweet romance between Maras and Nuri.I new right from the beginning that I would just love Nuri you could tell she was a sweet and innocent girl that cared about others. Nuri also had a backbone and spoke her mind but in  ways that she tried not to hurt anyones feelings.

Enjoyable characters to read about .You could not help but love most of them as they cared so much for Nuri and her welfare.

Nuri has recently lost her father and is living alone on a mountain which has the town Monks at loose ends worrying about her welfare.She doesn't want them worrying or interfering in her life as she is capable of taking care of herself but, there is one Monk that has taken his worrying a little to far and has Nuri on edge and a little afraid. She believes this Monk is more interested in her that her welfare.Not only that she worries they will plot to marry her off to someone not of her liking.

Nuri and Maras meet when she returns to her mountain and is out and about looking for kindling in the forest when she comes upon a hurt male buried in the rocks.She is bent on saving this man anyway she can.She knows  as time passes  that Maras is more that a mortal man and even so proceeds to do everything in her power to save this hurt man.

Maras and Nuri romance starts when she starts nursing him back to heath.It starts out as friends then gradually grows once they get to know one another,the problem is does Nuri risk her heart knowing that he must leave once he is well?

Maras is one hot and sexy Angel or and elemental as he calls himself who is carrying around past hurts and betrayal within his lonely heart.I just loved Maras he was so kind and caring and gentle and also protective of Nuri but also at the same time he tried to put up a wall between them to protect his heart from being hurt once again.But, Nuri is just a sweet and loving creature he can't seem to do what he thinks he must  as she has wormed her way into his heart without doing anything other than just being just who she is.What and interesting character Maras turned out to be he was part of  natures elements they call him Rain.Rain and natures storms gives him power and strength. Maras  needs the water to survive  to heal himself and to be healthy.Maras impressed me the way he was able to manipulated those elements to do his biding.Never once does he give off the aura that you have anything to fear from him.Instead you  can't do anything other that fall in love with him as he was just a lovable character all around.

Nuri was such a sweet girl with a big heart .She is so sweet that you are really impressed with her  character as she has a little bit of fire to her.No simpering miss here.Never once meeting Maras was she afraid of him.Even knowing his secrets about him she never shied away or lived in fear of him her main focus was always getting him better.Nuri knows or senses his past hurts and loneliness within him and sets out to not only heal his body but, his heart as well.You feel her heart break as she knows that loving this man will lead to breaking her own heart but never once falters to help heal him even knowing that she will lose her heart to a man who in the end will leave her.What a brave soul , she would rather have a bit of happiness than none at all.

Love is never easy there are always those who are jealous and vengeful.Danger lurks around this couple .Will this couple survive the superstitions of others along with betrayal and madness of the towns people and the unstable monk?Will the love they bore each other be enough to save one another ? Well I am rooting for them they make the perfect couple.I really enjoying reading about there journey together.The author did a find job mixing the plot up with danger and romance .The love scenes between them were not overly done they were just right for this couple sweet and loving.

I was intrigued with this story to beginning to end and could not put the book down.A sweet romance to pass the time on a lovely Sunday afternoon.I enjoyed this story so much by this author as I will be definitely looking into her other published titles and also looking forward to her new releases.It was one of those stories that you hate that it will end.

A recommended read to those who love paranormal romance but also a sweet love story not overly done.

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