Friday, November 8, 2013

Book Review for Don't Just Speak Love By Chalie Teh

Don't Just Speak Love
By: Chalie Teh
Reviewed by:Tonya
Published: Chalie Teh
Source:Purchased Gene: Young Adult Paranormal


Eighteen-year-old Averie’s life is turned upside-down when she’s instructed by her long-missing mother to enroll in an international college despite her being a local. Soon after, Averie discovers she is a nephilim—part human part angel—and her young life drastically changes from awfully droning to incomprehensibly hectic as she juggles college work, bullying, demanding training sessions with a surprising fit seventy-year-old, family issues, and the one thing she’s most skeptical of: love. When adults in her life don't fulfill their rightful responsibilities, she’s forced to take those neglected responsibilities into her own hands and set everyone’s life back on the right track. With the aid of a special Japanese classmate Sasuke, and a fiercely determined and righteous attitude, will Averie be strong enough to overcome the challenges in her difficult adolescence?

I stared at him in shock; this was getting completely out of hand. At this rate, he would really be failing Ms. Psychotic’s class.
Slinging his backpack over his shoulder, he said to me, “Let’s go?” 
There was a collective gasp of shock in the lab. Following his lead, I packed up as well, and before long, the two of us were out of the lab, leaving the rest of the class gawking in disbelief.
When we were out of view, Sasuke turned to me. “Let’s chill at my room until the next class. What do you think?”
For a moment, I wondered what room he was talking about, but I quickly realised it could only be his hostel. With no other idea in mind, I agreed. Sasuke led the way, and I found myself outside a boys’ toilet soon after.
“Wait here,” he said before disappearing into the toilet.
Maybe he needed the washroom badly?
Seconds later, Sasuke emerged from the toilet and indicated for me to come in. “No one’s inside. Come on.”
“What? Are you serious? This is the gents!” I told him, as though he didn’t know already.
“I need to zap us there. We can’t just walk into the hostel during school hours. There’s a guard on duty,” he explained.
“Oh. Okay…” With little choice, I stepped into the gents with Sasuke.
“Ready?” he asked, holding out his open hand.
I took it and closed my eyes. “Ready.”

Our Review

I give this book a 4 star – I really loved the characters. Lord I am glad I am not in school anymore all that petty status, I am better than you stuff just would never fly with me and I would be using some of what Averie has on them. LOL I wasn’t expecting the book to go the route it did. When it first started I was thinking new girl, new school, struggling to fit in and the cute guy, the popular guy would come in save the day. That wasnt the case with this book, well its that and so very much more. Nephilim, astrology signs, good and bad and yeah love. One of my favorite characters was Sasuke wow was he on his game almost from the start and at times funny. This is a quick and fun read and I recommend it to everyone.

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