Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Book Review for Patch Up by Stephanie Witter

Patch Up

by Stephanie Witter

4 1/2 stars
Reviewed by: Tonya
Published: Anchor Group Publishing
Source:Author copy 
Gene: New Adult/Contemporary Romance


Skye followed her long time boyfriend to Seattle for their first year of college, but he dumped her after only a week. The relationship brought only pain and destruction in Skye's life, and yet, she can't bring herself to open up and live her life.

"What if I am already broken into pieces?"

She hates to be touched, hiding under her oversized shirts and behind her wild frizzy hair. Even her bubbly roommate can't reach her. And yet ...

"I'm the guy who knows how you can hurt so much that your insides feel like they're cut and bleeding."

The tall, handsome, and tattooed TA in her psychology class changes everything when he literally collides with her and confronts her. For the first time in a long time, she wants to try and open up to this guy whose dark, intense eyes can't hide his own pain despite his dazzling smile getting to her.

However, just when she's starting to live again, her ex-boyfriend comes back, breaking her time and time again, making it all the more complicated.

She wants to fight for herself and for this building thing with the TA, even when he pushes her away, but can two broken people patch each other up?

"I never thought colliding with someone could change lives, but it is possible."

* Due to some shocking scenes, this novel is for readers of 18 and up.

Our Review

What can one say about patch up except pure emotion. Two broken people whose worlds collide in psychology class. One seeing the others brokenness and wanting to help. What Duke and Skye have gone through in their pasts are both painful and enough to break any person. Skye chooses to close herself off to the world and push everyone away. Duke wants to help her, and I think in turn help himself. Wow does he bottle a lot of anger that one. But oh man is this guy hot ladies. Let me tell you but don’t let appearances fool you. He may have the whole tattoo bad boy thing going on, but inside, deep down, through the hurt, the anger, the pain, that isn’t who he really is. Skye may have the whole I don’t care about the world and I don’t want it to care about me attitude but once she meets Duke her walls finally, slowly begin to crumble.

Once I started reading this book I did not want to put it down. I choose staying up later than normal and dragging at work LOL literally just to keep reading Patch Up. By the way that is the perfect title for this book. The tragic loss that Duke is dealing with haunts him every day. I learned quickly he is good at masking that but the eyes are the doorways to the soul and Skye can see how very broken he is and for once she wants to reach out to someone but at the same time she pushes him away. The tug of war these two have with each other is both frustrating and yet so very understanding. The pain that Skye has gone through in her past at the hands of someone she thought she loved causes her to recoil from the simplest of human contact. As Duke tries to get her to a better place, as she is slowly opening the door the progress started quickly crumbles. Two steps forward, one step back.

This book is truly amazing, the emotion is raw, its powerful, the energy between Duke and Skye is constantly charged, you can feel it ready to explode at any moment. Can these two very broken people come together and heal. Get the book I wont spoil it. Lets just say you wont put it down once you pick it up.


    (The First Meeting)
    Without paying attention to my surroundings, I turn to my left to walk toward the row closer to the door where a seat is available. I take a step and collide with a hard body, almost toppling me over on the ground for the second time in less than an hour. A strong hand grips me firmly by the forearm. My body stiffens and my breath catches in my throat. It’s as if I can’t move besides yanking my arm free without looking up to see who I collided with.
    “Are you all right?” he asks me in a deep and calm voice.
    My eyes wander from my red Converse to his dark boots. I have to calm down. I’m being ridiculous. Calm down. I take a deep breath and look up slowly. Long, muscled legs in beat up dark blue jeans, an old black leather jacket open over a dark grey V-neck sweater that showcases an impressive tall body with broad shoulders and finally, longish and messy black hair, perfect straight nose, full lips, high cheekbones and expressive soft dark eyes that lock with my bluish-greyish ones. He looks older with his goatee perfectly trimmed. A perfect hot mess many girls would say. I’m just intimidated by this stranger, though.
    “I’m fine,” I reply, my voice even. I push away some of my untamed locks and curse my auburn frizzy hair that is always all over the place.