Thursday, September 19, 2013

Book Review Burn Out by Ruthi Kight

Burn Out

by Ruthi Kight

Reviewed by:Tonya
Published by : Ruthi Kight Source:Purchased Copy
                Gene: Contemporary Romance


Pyromaniac. Murderer. Burn out.
Ten years ago Delia’s life went up in smoke. Literally.
After a decade of hiding, she is forced back into the world.
With only her wits to guide her, she must now figure out how to live in a town that knows her only as a murderer.
Her family is gone. The people all fear her. She has nothing holding her in Sunny Shores…until she meets Liam.
He’s heard the stories. He knows he should stay away from her, but he’s drawn to her like a moth to a flame.
Life seems to be looking up for them…until her past comes back like a bitch slap to the face.

First this is only the 2nd book I have ever given more than 5 Hearts too J

Well first page and I am like wow now that’s the way to start a book – there is no way I am putting this down I can see that already.

“Today will be our last session. Is there nothing that you would like to talk about? No final admissions that you would like to get off your chest?”

Her smug tone caused my hands to twitch. They ached to grab a hold of her throat an squeeze, until she took her final, shallow breath.

This book is so other side of the coin from the other books I have read by author Ruthi Kight, and all I can say right now is “”.

‘He stared back at me, unblinking. Only moments before I would have just called him hot...but once our eyes locked it went much deeper then that. He was flat out gorgeous. Like, I wanted to drop my f****** panties right there and ride him home.’

OMG Ruthi girl where have you had this hidden away, you nailed the book for me right there girl I was so hooked I could not put this down and I feel in love with Delia right then and there. Of course Liam, that fine, hot piece of man phew look out Delia because we may have to fight for him. LOL

The book turned up another notch for me on the awesomeness scale right there and many more such statements are throughout this entire book so sit back, fasten your seat belts and hold onto your hats this is going to be one roller coaster read ladies and gentlemen. J

‘Did this man have any idea what that one small sound could do to a girl? I bet he did. There was no way that he couldn't know. Guys like him knew they were talking f*** me advertisements.’

Oh lord get me a cold tea, fan, shower now... I have got to cool off after that. Phew!!!!

Laugh, be prepared to laugh, oh my gawd this girl, Delia, had me laughing at stuff that would come out of her mouth. For instance:

‘They didn't have guys that looked like that in the loony bin. Everywhere you looked in there you found men with dicky doos. You know...when their bellies stick out further than their dicks do.’

And Liam could throw it right back to her and dish it out rather well himself:

“Before I give you this present, I have a question to ask,” he said, holding his hands behind his back.

I nodded slowly, scared to know what he was about to ask.

“Do you still have that oak tree rammed up your ass? Or have you taken the time to remove that shit?”

Oh and that first kiss between Liam and Delia, lets just say that is one of the HOTTEST kiss scenes I've read in a really long time.

Now trust me this book is not all about the obvious sexual draw these two have towards each other, but boy does it sure make for one hot delicious book.

Delia however has a very jaded past, 10 years in the “loony bin” as she calls it, for the death of her parents. An entire town, save a few, hates her. And Liam, he has secrets of his own, shaded past that can be seen in his eyes and that is just for starters.

And then there is the twist, yeah did not see that coming Ruthi, thanks for the warning there lol. Just when you think you know how this story is going to unfold Ruthi pulls the rug right out from under you (probably laughing while she is pulling lol) and you go spiraling.

So is this a romance, mystery, erotica, suspense, thriller or what because it fits into all of these. Let me tell you it certainly is a take a cold shower especially that bedroom scene – phew my kindle screen melted from that one.

This book isn't just about Delia spending 10 years locked away, or really hot men with secrets of their own, or men who are so hot but sadly unavailable (LOL). It is about lies, secrets, loss, tragedy, growth, learning and moving on all wrapped up into a neat little story.

Ruthi did such a fabulous job with her characters. I love Delia, potty mouth and all, she truly reminds me of someone I once knew at her age. I felt an instant liking and connection with her. If you are looking for that forever after, the world is all right in the end story; you are not going to find that here. Though eventually the truth does come out, this books ending, in my humbled opinion ROCKED!!! It is the best ending for this story, and so true to real life. If I were a writer I believe I would have written the ending the same way.

Besides it leaves room for Ruthi to write more on these characters because I am sure if I bug her enough she will turn it into a series ROFL – luv ya Ruthi.