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Temptation by K.M.Golland Blog Tour and Giveaway

Title: Temptation (Book 1 in The Temptation Series)

Author: K.M. Golland

Release: February 1, 2013

Age Group: Adult

Genre: Romance/Erotica

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Book Description:

Sometimes being happily married and completely content is not at all what it seems.

That is what 35 year old, happily married mother of two, Alexis Summers finds out when decides it is time to return to work. After being a stay-at-home Mum for the past nine years, Alexis now realises a complete career change is just what she needs.

She becomes a Concierge Attendant in a prestigious hotel in Melbourne working for the owner of the hotel, Bryce Clark. He resides in the penthouse, is extremely hot and is a man who always gets what he wants—and what he wants is Alexis.  She does a relatively good job resisting Bryce at first, but the undeniable chemistry, sexual tension and playfulness between the two of them is intense.   He has copious amounts of money, sex appeal and above all, is a genuinely nice guy. Bryce has been waiting for his one true love to come along and he is positive that one true love is Alexis.

There is one problem; she is happily married to Rick, and no matter how strong her feelings are for Bryce, she is adamant she will not cheat. She draws a line in the sand but finds it increasingly hard not to cross. Will she succumb to Temptation?

Excerpt 2

I was speechless and utterly craving what he had just declared. He was smirking at me, which I would normally find completely irritating but also endearing. This time, however, his smirk made me mad and more to the point, extremely pissed off. I placed both my hands on his chest and shoved him. He stumbled back and nearly fell on his arse.
“You can’t just say that and smirk at me, Bryce. What am I supposed to do with that confession? What do you want me to do?” I stepped off the ladder and stomped like a child to the elevator door. He followed and stood with his back against the wall facing me. He had his hands in his trouser pockets and remained quite casual and relaxed.
“I know you feel it, Alexis. You want me between your legs just as badly as I want to be there.”
“Bryce, stop it! You are so far out of line it’s not funny.”
He started to laugh, so I turned to face him. Is he for real? He is so infuriating—yet adorable—yet maddening—yet delectable. Oh my god, he is turning me into a freaking yo-yo. I slapped him across the face. He rubbed his cheek and smiled at me impressively. I tried to keep my furious expression, but I was very slowly losing the battle with the muscles in my face. He laughed again and I followed suit.
“I hate you right now.” I was beyond being polite and stepping on eggshells where our employer/employee relationship was concerned. He had overstepped that mark well and truly.
“No, you don’t.”
“Yes, I do.” It dawned on me suddenly, that the elevator was not moving. “Bryce, I need to go home before I punch you. Press the bloody button.” He laughed, but this time he was mocking me. “Oh, you don’t think I can punch you?” I shot him a challenging look; he shook his head. “Go on, kiss me again, I dare you.”
He was on me like a flash, pushing me hard up against the wall. He ravaged my mouth with his own, sending pure intense passion through his tongue onto mine. I aggressively ran my hands through his hair as he lifted me up, allowing me to wrap my legs around his waist. No, No, No! Stop it, Alexis. What did you say that for, and where is this punch you so boldly threatened him with? I released my legs and punched him in the arm. I tried to get in a second blow, but he caught my fist and brought my arm down, spinning me around and causing me to be cross-armed across my chest and perfectly secured to his abdomen. He held me there for a few seconds then whispered softly into my ear, his breath hot and paralysing.
“You gave me permission, Alexis. You can’t then attack me, not that I’d call that an attack. In fact, you need a lot of instruction on attack and self-defence. So, on Monday morning you are coming to my self-defence class. Wear some clothes you don’t mind working up a sweat in.”
“Let me go, I need to go home to my husband.” I hissed at him. He released me and hit the button to his apartment. The doors opened and I stepped out. I grabbed my bag and turned to meet his face, he was leaning up against the entryway wall where we had first kissed earlier that day. It felt like that kiss had happened days ago, but I guess that was because so much had happened in such a short space of time, and I hadn’t really let it all settle in yet. Thank god the next day was Saturday, I wanted the entire weekend to recover from the head fuck that the day had been.
I began to talk, but he cut me off. “I can’t help myself, Alexis. are like no one I have ever met, and I want you.”
“You can’t have me Bryce, I’m taken.”
He stared deep into my eyes. “I don’t believe anything is absolute. Things change, people change.Circumstances change.”

About the Author

K.M. Golland was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. After studying Legal Practice for two years and working as a Land Conveyancer for four years, she put her career on hold to raise two beautiful children. Always having a love for reading, she decided rather than returning to the Legal Industry, she would become a Writer—publishing her debut novel Temptation (Book 1 in The Temptation Series.)

“I am an author. I am married. I am a mother of two adorable little people. I'm a Bookworm, Craftworm, Movieworm and Sportsworm. I'm also a self-confessed Shop-aholic, Tea-aholic, Car-aholic and Choc-aholic”.

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