Friday, June 14, 2013

Book Review for Why by Life Sucks by Shevi Arnold

Why by Life Sucks

by Shevi Arnold

Reviewed by:Tonya
Published: Shevi Arnold
Source: Paperback Genre: Paranormal

About Book

Seventeen-year-old super tech geek Gilbert Garfinkle knew the future was going to be perfect, because he was going to invent it himself. He had it all planned. But a funny thing happened on the way to the future...
Amber is the most beautiful girl he's ever met, way out of his league. He can't understand why she asks to go home with him, asks him to sit next to her on his vintage Star Wars sheets, and starts kissing him.
Now once bitten and twice terrified out of his brilliant mind, Gilbert lies alone in his room in the dark, paralyzed, and pondering life's ultimate question: "Why me?"
WHY MY LOVE LIFE SUCKS—book one of THE LEGEND OF GILBERT THE FIXER—is the humorous science-fiction novel that proves it takes the ultimate geek to be the ultimate hero

My Thoughts

Okay so what part of being bitten in the neck, paralyzed, in intense pain sounds fun to you? It certainly doesn't sound good to me and it didn't feel good or sound fun to Gilbert either. Poor Gilbert what a way to end an unexpected date with a really pretty girl. And so the story begins...

Gilbert Garfinkle, that is his name, and I think if my parents named me that I wouldn't be very happy. The name just oozes "Dork", "Geek", "Nerd", "Loser". And Gilbert's mother, what a piece of work that woman is. If you could assign stars for nastiest parent in the world she would get a 10 out of 10 stars from me today for the most pathetic, worthless, waste of space mother ever. I give the author props for how well she portrays Gilbert his mother along with all the rest of the characters - job well done there I really wanted to strangle the mother the entire time while laughing at all the things going on with Gilbert. That poor boy. LOL

Okay I mean hello anyone voted "Most Likely To Lose His Virginity To A Robot" OMG that is so sad yet so funny I busted out laughing when I read that. It can't get any worse then that right??? Wrong.

Gilbert may be your typical teenage, pimple faced geek but he is also a typical teenage boy and when he see's a pretty girl he looses all sense of right and wrong. Amber is that girl who gets Gilbert all worked up and not thinking straight. So much so that he takes her home to the place he feels least welcome, to his dungeon, most of us call it a bedroom. And then it happens, the one thing he never expected would happen to him, and now its too late.

I found this book so fun to read. Watching Gilbert become a vampire, his initial reactions and thoughts actually were rather understanding yet extremely funny. And his reaction to Amber, the girl who turns him and changes him into a vampire. Oh man now that is almost like icing on a cake.

A super funny part is the Dungeons and Dragons part. I have never played that game actually always thought it was for the geeks and nerds and all poor Gilbert wants is to be normal again to hang out with his friends like he used to and he doesn't want Amber to tag along. Watching the interaction between them and a few others in this scene was a riot. Oh poor Gilbert.

This truly was a fun book to read and you will not be disappointed one bit by the book - now go get yourself a copy so you can see just how great a book this is.