Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book Review for Today Only by Derinda Love

Today Only
 Derinda Love

Reviewed by:Tonya
Published:Lizzy Ford
Source:Purchased Gene:Contemporary Romance Fiction

About Book

In life, there are times you are granted a miracle. It may not be the one you wanted exactly, but it will be the one you need. It will prepare you for the next step in your journey and help you learn to accept the life you are given, even if that life can be heartbreaking. 

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My Thoughts

Right from the start I can feel the anguish Rye Silcox is feeling. Her urgency to be with her daughter, to see her grow, to not miss anything. Her daughter Em, what a breath of fresh air she is. Had me laughing and crying and then laughing again. Em just wriggles right into your heart from the very start of this book.

Jett, what can you say, well exactly what Em says “Bow Chicha Wow Wow” – LOL. Come on military man, nice body, good looking, caring, loving, devoted, completely amazing. Yes my heart melted. I love how gentlemanly he is, call me old fashioned but I love a man who respects women enough to open doors, pay for meals, hold their hands, etc. I may be independent but to me that is a sign of a strong man who can endure all things and sadly there are too few of those left.

Jett had my heart aching for him. Crying my eyes out at the losses he has suffered. Reading him talk about it, the losses, trying to deal with it – you can feel what he is feeling. Author Derinda Love did an amazing job drawing you into their lives, into the story, making the store the here and now. I felt like I was a character sitting in the same room everyone else was in. I think I cried and laughed more in this book, within the very same page even, than I have in any other book I have ever read. Everything the characters in this book go through, every emotion, it just pours out of the pages.

I I know what it is to be a struggling single mom, it has been my life’s story. But to be a single mom who is dying with a 10 year old daughter – how heartbreaking. Rye has an amazing support system with lots of love from family and friends. But her one dream has never come true. Jett could be that dream. But with her diagnosis she just refuses to go there. She feels as though it is an unobtainable dream and unfair to Jett.

Let me suggest – don’t read this book while you are at work, especially at your desk while your system is down. I am not a big fan of spoilers, but I have to say, the car accident scene in this book completely ripped my heart apart. I was blubbering at my desk uncontrollably and yes everyone was staring at me like I had lost it. Well I did lose it LOL. The scene is so moving, so heart wrenching and so touching all at one time.

As heart wrenching as that was, what Rye learns from it sets her onto a whole new path, one of discovery, life and love. I really enjoyed watching Rye go down this new path. Seeing her experience her dream.
I loved one of the sayings Rye and her sister Katy mention. Something their mom always says. “Always remember the bread and butter. When two things belong together, you cannot separate them.” Simple yet very powerful words right there.

This book was very hard for me to read – having lost my mother to a year long battle with one of the most aggressive and fast spreading cancers, the loss of my mom was ever present throughout this entire book. And yes the last few chapters of this book were the most heart wrenching, moving, emotional and touching. The words within the last few chapters are very profound and will be with me always.

I close this review by saying thank you Derinda for such an amazing, heart felt, passionate, funny, touching, loving, emotional roller coaster of a ride. My heart is so much better for having read this book. And I dedicate this review to my mother Ruth Ann Gauthier – gone from this earth but never gone from my heart. All my love ~ Tonya

Live Today...
Love Today...
Smile Today...
I Will See You Today...
~ Jett’s Poetry