Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book Review for The Compass Max Meyers Adventure by Joshua Lisec

The Compass
Max Meyers Adventures 

(Prequel) by Joshua Lisec

Reviewed by:Tonya
Source:Purchased Gene:Adventure Thriller

About Book

An American, an Englishman, and an Australian walk into a massage parlour…
Cairns, Australia, 1991. Archeologist wunderkind Jack Staples is the talk of the telly once again. Discoverers of the lost compass of Captain James Cook, Staples and his best friend and protégé Charles Kensington are on holiday in the Land Down Under, sitting on their find as offers from museums and auction houses pour in.
But when the compass is stolen by an antiquities trafficker known as the Waltzing Matilda, Staples and Kensington are joined by the pride of Sydney’s police force, Detective Sergeant James Russell. The Aussie’s incognito scheme gets the trio inside the crime lord’s center of operations, a sleazy massage parlour. But a brief conversation with the Matilda will send the trio on an adventure of prehistoric proportions.
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The Matilda reached for his ashtray and popped a smoldering cigarette butt into his mouth. “What if I told you blokes I didn’t have it anymore?”

Staples lowered his gun. “What if you did?”
“You tell me, Jack.”
“Enough of this rubbish. How do you know our names?” Kensington fingered his switchblade.
“I know who my consultants are.”
“Consultants?” Kensington scoffed. “What is this business of consultants?”
Staples lowered his head and heaved a sigh. “You arranged this meeting. Didn’t you?”
The Matilda chortled. “That was your first mistake, thinking you got in here all by yourselves.” He paused for a chomp on his cigarette. “Your detective is the only blue heeler who knows where I am. We’ve rammed hulls before.”
“Cunning. Very Cunning.” Staples squinted. “You ordered your henchmen to steal my compass in Sydney and knew James Russell would be assigned the case.”
“Now you’re on it,” the Matilda said.
“Once Russell took one look at the facts, he’d know it was you, and the three of us would be in your tail in a snap.”
“Jack, what are you getting at?” Kensington scratched his scalp. “I don’t see what—“
“Of course you don’t fool. It’s right here in front of you.” Staples’ gaze remained steely. “This isn’t about the compass. It never was. The theft was just the number you dialed and James was the line you used to call.”
Kensington gave his companion a worried look.
Staples’ teeth clamped firmly together.
“Kudos to you, buddy. You pulled the wool over our eyes.” Staples clicked his firearm’s hammer. “Only thing is, I don’t like being blind. So here’s how this is going to go. You’ll tell us why you want to chat. Then you give me my compass. Then I’ll decide not to spread the wall with your internal organs. Sound good?”
“If you so much as make one false move, then I’ll—“
“Jack! Did you hear what he said?” Kensington jabbed the American’s shoulder.
“Did I hear what?” Staples rolled his eyes.
“I said, ‘Agreed,’” repeated the Matilda.
Staples’ eyebrows jumped. “Oh, so you did.”
“Can we get on with this? Gentlemen, please!”
Neither Staples nor the Matilda spoke. The waiting game.
“Your move,” Staples finally said. A sly grin overtook his scowl.
“I’ll be brief.” The Matilda sat up. “You are right on all accounts. The circumstances surrounding your little discovery were quite attractive. My old, shall we say, friend was a quality pawn to get me an audience with you. So here you stand. Jimmy’s on a nude walkabout and cannot help you.”
Kensington grit his teeth, “We could blow your brains out now and you’d never see it coming, you rascal.”
“No interruptions, Charles. Thank you.” Staples snapped.
“Blimey!” Kensington shot him an exasperated look. “I was just trying to—“
“Shut up.” Staples dropped a command. “Apologies Matilda. Back to you.”

My Thoughts

This starts off in Australia 1991 with an American no less walking through a park naked. Yes, LOL I said naked. Okay my curiosity is peaked and no not that way either – geesh people. I mean, why would a guy be walking naked through a park, an American in Australia no less – right off the bat, first page and my interest was grabbed – nice job.
OMG do I love Kensington’s little temper tantrums lol in the middle of a mission no less. Lord I was rolling while Staples just stood there staring at him. I honestly never knew men could throw a tantrum like a girl like that. Oh that was good. Absolutely priceless.
Let me just say this also peanut butter and bologna sandwiches, who eats those really? Okay I lost my appetite there LOL must be an Aussie thing or English maybe? But hey a man has to do what a man has to do when hunting for something important right?
This book had me laughing so much. The constant back and forth between Staples and Kensington is just a riot. Staples sure does love getting Kensington all riled up and then slamming the brakes on once Kensington gets going.
For example “one-eight-hundred-call-a-cannible is about to have a busy line” ~ Staples
Or “Quick response too. Must’ve called ‘em collect, eh” ~ Russell

Now you have to read the cannibal scene to fully understand but let me just say in the heat of the moment, when you are looking your death in the eyes of some hungry cannibal’s it was a riot.
I loved the make a deal with a “black market thug” to get something back of importance plot. Ohhh you just know nothing good is going to come with that deal. I mean it’s almost like making a deal with the devil. Now I am not saying that the “Waltzing Matilda” is a devil or anything but I think darn near close to it.
A double cross oh I love a double cross and better yet, the ever sure, ever confident and cocky Jack Staples falling for it, that was just awesome – even if I didn’t see it coming myself.
What a great way to introduce you to some of the main characters of the series, what an awesome adventure, cannibals and all, that really was too much. Now I can’t wait to see what happens next to Kensington and Russell and what about poor Jack Staples.
This is very well written, fast paced and non-stop. The back and forth barbs and banter keep you laughing the entire book through. Very well done – I loved it.