Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Review for Over the Shoulder by Jason Beech

Over the Shoulder
by Jason Beech

Reviewed by: Tonya
Published:Jason Beech

Source:Gifted Copy Genre: Crime Novel

About Book

On a hot night in 1990s London Tony Mortimer shoots his old school friend Jonah, cuts off his hand, and wraps it ready for fingerprinting. His girlfriend, Diane, has demands which chime with his: “Get out now and stop looking over your shoulder”.

Welcome to Tony Mortimer’s life, an enforcer whose Robin Hood ideals have long since disintegrated. Caught between the only life he has ever known and the high standards of the only woman he has ever committed to, he knows he has to kill his boss Frederick.

Complicating it all is a newly found family of five brothers, most of whom treat him as their welfare state, and two sisters. All of them share a father, a deceased and lionized patriarch; none a mother. He’s delighted, following a lonely and bitter childhood, to have found them. Now, many of them swaggering like wannabe gangsters, and involved in his moonlighting business, he wishes he could lose them. As blood spills and stains everybody around him in the sweatiest, grimiest, and hottest summer that rainy Sheffield has ever experienced, Tony will seek his way out.

About the Author
Over the Shoulder is Jason Beech's first novel. He has two more coming out in 2013, Don't Be Late & Other Stories, and Moorlands. The latter is about a professional thief, Larry, whose sister goes missing. Finding her brings revelations he can barely handle, putting his own and other lives in danger.

Jason also edited the traditionally published Maya & the Butterfly by Monica Kaushik, a beautiful romance set in India.

You can read some of his short stories and general musings at his blog: jdbeech.wordpress.com.

To fund his degenerate writing lifestyle Jason coaches football/soccer all over New Jersey, winning trophies with numerous teams, as well as getting the occasional battering.

My Thoughts

Okay let me first say I was given this book for free for an honest review. That being said - I have never read a mafia, gangland style type book based on a family of small time thug criminals who want more than they have and come from a lets say strained past and all brought together by one man.

Tony Mortimer is the big brother and he brings together all his half brothers and sisters, he works for Frederick but on the side, on the "down low" he runs his own little racket, offering "protection" to the local neighborhood "for a price". The book shares the history and story of each of the siblings which I found really nice because you get to see life in England and life as a thug from each of their eyes.

The book has its ups and downs - downs for me would be this really isn't my type of genre so it took me a bit to get into the book but once I did I really did find it rather fun to read to see if Tony and Diane would get back together. How Dizzy would handle his issues with Charlie and his ongoing love for Janine. What would happen to Rod and Matt and the other brothers and sisters.

The ups there is a good deal of "thug type" action and I do like action and I do like romance as well and I liked seeing Tony struggle with getting Diane back into his life and how try as he might to hide what he was from her she called him out on it. And Dizzy's love for Janine and how he would think about them and what happens with them.

This really is a good book and I am glad I offered to read it.