Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Amazingly Broken by Jordin Williams! This book was plagiarized !

UPDATE !!!!!!
Anyone one who participated in a blog tour or Cover Reveal etc
with Amazingly Broken by Jordin Williams! 

I just learned that this book was plagiarized a she ripped off from works from Tammara Webber and Jamie McGuire Walking Disaster: A Novel  If you were a victim of her scam be sure to remove your post and spread the word to others about this horrible scam.Its one thing to do this horrible thing yourself but to involved innocent bloggers who helped with the fraud is even worse. (deplorable )I am so upset.. and my heart goes out to those authors that there works were stolen from.Also now learning that this was not women but a man doing this and that this is not the first time.


Dawna said...

Good for you for posting this. I'm sure Tammara Webber and Jamie McGuire appreciate it. Behavior like this must always be called out. It's disgusting. I heard that Amazon will refund your money if you purchased the book. I hope that's true.

Christina said...

Great post. So glad you went to the trouble of alerting people.