Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Book Review for The Reluctant Highland Groom (The Munro Clan Highlander Romances #2) by Marilyn Stonecross

 The Reluctant Highland Groom 
(The Munro Clan Highlander Romances #2)

by Marilyn Stonecross

5 stars
Reviewed by: Angels
Published: Marilyn Stonecross   
Source Purchased copy Genre: Historical Romance


The Reluctant Highland Groom is Volume 2 in The Munro Clan Highlander Romances by bestselling author Marilyn Stonecross.

Cara McHugh and Alec Munro were intended for each other from the day they were born. But despite both fathers’ wishes, the proud beauty and the rugged Highlander have no intention of marrying each other. Alec remembers a chubby little rat-faced girl and Cara only knows Alec as the pompous boy who took himself too seriously.

Now fully grown, even an immediate attraction to one another can't sway the two to look past their differences. They will not marry. Cara’s people need her and Alec and his brothers have unfinished business with the Gunns to see to.

But when Cara’s life is ripped apart by tragedy, Alec is the only one she can turn to, the only person she’ll trust in her time of need. Can he heal the girl’s broken heart without losing his own? Or will he find himself the Reluctant Highland Groom, destined for his own happily ever after at the hands of the auburn-haired beauty he was destined for from the beginning?

My Thoughts

This is the second book in this series about the Munro brothers.This author created a short story in three parts.Each brother was reluctant to wed not because they did not what to find love but, because of the ongoing feud with the Gunn's which posed a death threat to the entire clan.

I think the author did a good job.She tried to create a story of one brother trying to find love in a trying time.Both characters in this story had strong individual personalties. Cara the feisty one.Alec a warrior who is hardened shows his soft caring side.

I think the author by creating these short stories is just getting her feet wet.There looks to be much promise in her future books. I would love to see a full length novel at some point.

Other reviews I have read there only complaint is that they wished the book/story was a little longer and I have to agree would have like to explore these characters a little bit more.But, we have to remember it was a short story to begin with.

And Enjoyable read with likable characters !