Sunday, September 9, 2012

Book Review for The Highland Hero: A Short Highlander Story (The Munro Clan Highlander Romances #3) by Marilyn Stonecross

The Highland Hero: A Short Highlander Story (The Munro Clan Highlander Romances #3)

by Marilyn Stonecross

4 stars
Reviewed by: Angels

Published: Marilyn Stonecross 
Source Purchased copy Genre: Historical Romance


Every few years, the carnival takes up residence on the Munro lands. Logan Munro cannot see the appeal...until he meets Katrina, the dark-haired, green-eyed granddaughter of the carnival’s fortune teller. Logan has never met such a beautiful woman—nor does he understand the peculiar fortune her grandmother delivers to him.

When Katrina is the only carnival performer to escape an attack by the treacherous Gunns, Logan takes her under his protection. He vows to look after her while his brother’s army takes on the Gunns, and to set right the wrongs that have been done to her people. When the Gunn army surrounds the Munro keep, trapping Logan, Katrina, and a handful of others inside, the vow begins to look like a fool’s errand.

Will true love transform a confounded Scot into a Highland hero ?

My Thoughts and Review

This is the 3rd book in this series about the Munro brothers.This author created a short story in three parts.Each brother was reluctant to wed not because they did not what to find love but, because of the ongoing feud with the Gunn's which posed a death threat to the entire clan.

This was enjoyable read and the conclusion to the Munro brother series.

The story concluded with last and final battle with the Gunn's. After a tribe of Gypsies were kidnapped and taken off the Munro lands they are forced to do battle and end this feud once and for all.

This is Logan and Katrina story.Katrina a gypsy lass who is beautiful and a caring person. Then there is Logan the youngest brother and a bit of a rogue.The two meet a feel a connection to one another.Is it fate or coincidence? Katrina's gypsy fortune teller grand-mother saw this in a vision many years ago knowing that Logan was destined to do a great many things.

This short story was a very pleasant read.Little bit of romance with a twist of fate and a bit of mystery.I enjoyed all the characters in these short stories as the were funny and engaging and kept you entertained.All so different but as a whole very formidable cast.

I think the author by creating these short stories is just getting her feet wet.There looks to be much promise in her future books. I would love to see a full length novel at some point.

Other reviews I have read there only complaint is that they wished the book/story was a little longer and I have to agree would have like to explore these characters a little bit more.But, we have to remember it was a short story to begin with.

Who doesn't want to read about a sexy Highland Warrior?It was nice to see Logan and his brothers find there true loves among the rugged and dangerous Highlands and finally have someone to love and who loves them back creating a whole new generation for there children in a brand new world without waring clans.

A light and fun read ! Be sure to read about the other brothers as well.