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Book Blast and Giveaway for Twist of Fate by Shawna C. Jones

BY Shawna C. Jones
Genre:  Women's Fiction

Shawna grew up with a secret that she couldn't share with anyone. She thought of it as her "inner demon" and it shaped her life. When she became an adult, it sent her on a quest to try to find her Real Home. In Paris, she fell in love with a fellow traveler who changed her life, for better or worse. Their relationship was full of discovery and of lessons learned.

How could she come to terms with her "inner demon"? Can we change our fate or karma? Does love really conquer all?

This book is based on a true story of an independent woman's search for her true self and the meaning of life, and how she found answers in unexpected places.
Let the journey begin...

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Shawna C. Jones lives in the US, when she's not traveling the world. She lives with her husband, and "inner demon" quite peacefully now. She is continuing her mission of helping others, and spreading light and love. 

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Book Blast and Giveaway for A Wicked Prelude (The Wicked Series Prequel) by Calinda B

The Wicked, #1

Nominated for Best Fantasy/Urban Fantasy 2013 eFestival of Words Award Nominations! 

Chérie's got her hands full. Forces of evil want to destroy her. A powerful invisible guardian and his flaming haired associate are messing with her mind. Meanwhile, her gorgeous boyfriend wants to have sex with her all the time. Will she claim her destiny as a passionate, sexually potent cosmic force before darkness consumes her?

Chérie Abella Manhattan is in for a surprise. She thought she was just an ordinary aerobics instructor and adventure-loving woman living with her handsome, hard-bodied blond lover, Cam Tyson. Turns out she's one of the most powerful beings in the universe - she's a Galaxy Dancer, capable of using her potent sexual energy to transform not only herself, but the people she loves. 

When she meets a mysterious, dark-haired man, her life begins a series of strange, unfathomable transformations. She starts to see people who weren't there a minute ago. She starts to glow when she makes love. She'd always dreamed of being a big deal; she just hadn't thought she'd be an "out of this world" big deal.

All she has to do is face a few fears, sort through a few lies, get over a broken heart or two and accept who she is. That's the easy part. The hard part will be dealing with the sexy, sexy man known as Kayden, who can't, or just won't, leave her to her alone.

All Others:

The Wicked, #2

Unable to accept his girlfriend's paranormal abilities as a Galaxy Dancer, Cameron Delaney Tyson took off to explore his own dark demons. Now he's left with no girlfriend, a lot of time on his hands and a terrifying creature from another galaxy stalking him - something called a Star Dreamling.

Only through facing this predatory cat-beast can he make amends with his abusive past and claim his powerful future. Will that be enough to be able to win his girlfriend back? Cam Tyson sure hopes so. And he's willing to risk dying if that's what it takes to recapture his heart - the beautiful woman and star being known as Chérie Abella Manhattan.

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Wicked Whispering
The Wicked, #3

Six foot five. Dreamy green, gold and blue eyes like a far-away galaxy. Multi-hued hair. The ability to sense the desperate longings and dark secrets of everyone he comes in contact with. Kai Williams has always felt like the family freak. When his old pal Cam Tyson arrives on his Caribbean isle, star dreamling and other-worldly girlfriend in tow, will he embrace the mysterious world he’s being shown, finally accepting his incredible power, or will he sink deep into the darkness that’s threatening to destroy him and all he loves?

Wicked Whispering will be completely revised  and re-released on Dec. 21.

The Wicked Series Prequel
Publication Date: January 31, 2014

Bestselling author Calinda B takes us back to the beginning of Chérie and Cam’s relationship, as Chérie Manhattan collides with destiny and is forced to choose between continuing the safety of the known, or embrace an exciting yet terrifying awakening into uncharted abilities and magical possibilities.

Chérie Manhattan has sworn off men - until she slams into the sexy, blond, hotter than Hell, Cam Tyson. Her choices: play it safe, yet unfulfilled? Or take a chance on mind-blowing, out of this world rapture?

Her unseen angelic guardian, a powerful male from another dimension, has other plans for her - wake her up to her truth, and fast. He draws upon her latent telepathic abilities, making her feel a bit crazy. He’s got good reason - evil demons, hell bent on her destruction are heading her way.

Will she take the plunge into passion or fall prey to her doom, taking the entire planet with her? It will take everything she’s got to make the right choice. Will she succeed?



An award-winning web designer and certified SEO specialist, Calinda B has worked in the Internet industry as a web page designer/developer since the early 1990's. She has also taught web site design and computer graphics at community colleges in Northern California. In addition to writing, Calinda B creates fine art and music, and enjoys scuba diving, kayaking, and bike riding. Calinda B makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with the love of her life and her two cats. She is currently working on the fourth book in The Wicked Series, tentatively entitled A Wicked Ending, or the third book in The Beckoning Series or maybe those are done and she's working on.... She loves to write and does it daily.


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Cover Reveal for Senseless Attraction by Lila Rose


Three parts. Two points of views.
Never one to care what others think, seventeen-year-old, Mt. Henry High School student, Skylar James, is content with it that way. That is until she’s assigned her history partner, rich-boy Kane.
Being invisible at Rushton High School, is just how seventeen-year old Alexandra Harmony likes it. That is until she’s asked to tutor bad-boy Tristan.
What does it take to make opposite yet parallel lives collide
Senseless Attraction.
Alexandra teaser 1Kane TeaserSkylar teaser 1Tristan Teaser
Lila Author Pic
Lila Rose lives in country Victoria Australia with her husband and two children. When she isn’t writing she’s trying to control her mob from killing each other and helping her husband with the family business. Lila Has always dabbled in writing, though, only recently will have her debut novel Holding Out released in December 2013. Then she’ll just need to find time to bring out more from the Hawks Motorcycle Club series.
SA full cover
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Book Promo for Of White Snakes and Misshaped Owls by Debra Hyde

OWS banner
The Charlotte Olmes Mystery Series
Of White Snakes and Misshaped Owls
Riverdale Avenue Books
Lesbian, F/F, Historical, Detective
OWS - 3DA dead body in a back alley means little to the rough streets of 1880s New York City—until Charlotte Olmes woman detective steps onto the scene. Crime-solving on behalf of her female clients, Olmes eschews decorum and ventures into places forbidden to the fairer sex, sleuthing after clues hidden, elusive, and often distasteful.
When the exotic Miss Tam pleads with Charlotte to find the man to whom she’s secretly married, Charlotte ventures into the dark and dangerous crannies of the city with her partner and passionate lover Joanna Wilson at her side. Soon, what appeared to be the random misfortune born of Chinatown’s opium dens reveals itself as a vicious gang-related murder—and Olmes and Wilson find themselves wedged between the ethnic and political forces that collide where Chinatown borders the Bowery.
Penned by Lambda Literary Award winner Debra Hyde, Of White Snakes and Misshaped Owls recasts the classic eccentric detective genius in ways never before seen. Passions both criminal and carnal come alive in vivid and exacting detail in what promises to become the hallmark of the Charlotte Olmes Mystery Series.
I was not surprised that I had slept through the morning sun and birdsong of the fine spring morning on which this exceptional adventure had started, but how I escaped the sounds of Madison Square Park and the nearby Sixth Avenue El, I still do not know. Coming to our table for breakfast, I found Charlotte’s nose buried deep in the day’s penny press. Without fail, she started and ended each day perusing Manhattan’s most dreadful news accounts, paying close attention to the brawls between swells, what dead bodies were pulled from the nooks and crannies of the city, and things even more violent and horrid. I prayed she would tell me nothing gruesome this morning.
I preferred my first cup of tea without word of the city’s more morbid distractions.
“Good morning, my dear Miss Wilson,” Charlotte said, her eyes still glued to her paper.
“Good morning, Miss Olms,” I countered. However formal our salutations, they were first and foremost an affectionate routine, an irreverent jest aimed at how society expected us to act and not a reflection of how we really felt about each other.
And, daring to remind Charlotte just how I preferred our interactions, I leaned over and placed a kiss upon her cheek, one soft enough to suggest I’d welcome more. It earned a chuckle from her and a quick, sly glance of promise.
A bustle from the kitchen told me that Mr. East had heard me, and our man’s man who preferred serving women came laden with a full meal of eggs, bacon, and toast. Joining that bounty, a libation of some strange concoction—no doubt, another of Charlotte’s attempts to fortify the temples that were our bodies with the fruits of exotic flora from God only knew where.
While I should have rued the presence of the strange beverage, it was the larger meal that caught my true attention. A big meal meant one of two things: We either had something physical to do that morning or a case to investigate.
Seated, I sipped my tea and tried to ignore the message inherent in my breakfast.
Halfway through my meal—the eggs scrambled to perfection, made better with a splash of maple syrup, the drink concoction decidedly not so—I caught Charlotte snapping her crisp newspaper and swiftly folding it with a flourish so dramatic it rivaled the sweep of a magician’s hand. I shook my head, thinking of our poor butler, Mr. East, always having to iron the paper to Charlotte’s perfection.
Charlotte caught my reaction from the corner of her eye. Without taking her gaze from the small corner of the paper she now consumed, she remarked, “He had no compunction about ironing my newspapers when we interviewed Mr. East for the position, Joanna. A crisp paper makes for a precise read, my dear.”
With Charlotte Olms, precision was paramount.
My eggs and bacon gone, I mopped my plate of syrup with my toast. “Dare I ask what this morning brings?” I hoped she would let me finish a third cup of tea and have a proper pinning of my hair before dashing us out the door.
“Training, dear Joanna, training.”
I suddenly felt overfull. Physical exercise and a full stomach were not well paired for me, no matter how frequently I tried to dissuade Charlotte of that fact. I set down my toast.
“Pick it up and eat,” she half-scolded. “We’re not doing it—we’re teaching it.”
“Teaching what?”
“Parasol defense.”
Charlotte’s obsession with self-defense, especially as it applied to women, had long been a great passion of hers. I resumed devouring my toast, sipping away its dryness with tea and noting how very well the taste of India Black tasted with the sparse left-overs of maple syrup. Perhaps I would suggest Charlotte make a concoction based on those two ingredients. Maybe she would come up with something actually tolerable.
Another time, I thought. “And who are we training today?” I asked.
“Mrs. Philomena Pelton has asked me to introduce several of her peers and their lady’s maids to the practice,” Charlotte answered.
I pulled up from my teacup. We were teaching a lady’s maids?
“However did you finagle that?” The upper crust were not exactly sensitive about the betterment of their help.
Charlotte finally set her paper aside, slapping it onto the table, and leaned towards me, elbows planted firmly akimbo on a fine Italian cutwork tablecloth. Mannish behavior, of course, reflecting a competency that she could not innately express in any sort of feminine way.
“I told them that no matter how well-versed they themselves became in the art of parasol self-defense, they would remain at risk if their help did not become adept as well.”
“Really, Charlotte.”
“No, no, it’s true,” Charlotte claimed. “Mrs. Pelton herself was accosted just last week on the Ladies Mile. Her lady servant was of, shall we say, limited assistance.”
“The Ladies Mile? So now even shopping puts one at risk. Of course you do this entirely for the benefit of the well-off,” I facetiously declared. I swatted at her elbows, smacking hard enough to sting.
Charlotte grinned. She heeded me, removing her elbows from the table. She might forget her manners from time to time, but she always enjoyed my corrections, minor or severe.
We both knew she believed that all women should be skilled in self-defense, regardless of class and station. And I knew that if Charlotte would ever deign to imagine a utopian society, men would be far too civilized to even think to accost the fairer sex. Not that we would carry that dainty an appellation in Charlotte’s utopia.
“Do I have time for Phoebe to pin and lacquer my hair?”
Charlotte waved me off. “Yes, yes, but we should depart in twenty minutes.”
“Twenty minutes, then,” I said.
I rose and made my way across the room, only to stop and turn. “Charlotte?” I said.
“Hmmm?” Her nose was in that paper again.
“Should we not invite Phoebe to join us?”
Charlotte pulled up from her reading, glaring at me. The devil that I should put her high horse on the spot! But one look at me and she knew that I teased said horse with both warm regard and hard truth.
“I shall tutor her myself,” she declared, flicking her newspaper dismissively.
Exactly what I wanted. What was good for the geese of Manhattan’s elite was good for the gander in our own home.

About the Author
DEBRA HYDEDebra Hyde writes erotic fiction for everyone, across the gender & orientation spectra. Her
lesbian BDSM novel, Story of L, won the 2011 Lambda Literary Award for lesbian erotica. A modern retelling of the classic Story of O, it updates the original tale to reflect the contemporary lesbian leather world and the women in it.
Romantic Times BOOK Reviews magazine named it and her heterosexual novel, Blind Seduction, to its Fifty Hot Reads beyond 50 Shades of Grey, calling Blind Seduction “a story about what happens after the BDSM seduction.” She is a contributing author to the ground-breaking and critically-acclaimed Entwined erotica series, penning two lesbian novellas for it, Hers and Provenance.
Now she turns her attentions to her new erotic Charlotte Olmes Mystery Series, recasting the classic eccentric detective genius in ways never before seen — in passions both criminal and carnal!
Visit Debra Hyde at her website:

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Book Review for Not Another Soldier by Samantha Holt

Not Another Soldier
by Samantha Holt

Reviewed by:Angels
Published: Createspace
Source:ARC  Gene:Contemporary Romance 


"I’ve just buried my husband. I was going to divorce him and now he’s dead."

After five years as a military wife, Sienna is moving on. She’s keen to leave behind the misery of her marriage to Rob but for some reason the past won’t let her go. It doesn’t help that her closest friend, Nick, is also a soldier. Unfortunately Sienna is struggling to deny her attraction to the sexy marine, even knowing there can be no future in it. When the injured soldier admits he wants her just as badly, and has always wanted her, the fight to control her feelings becomes harder. 

And now she’s learning things about her late husband that surprise even her. When the secrets of Rob’s life come to light, Sienna finds herself involved with some very nasty people and Nick is determined to protect her, no matter what. 

As the danger grows to both her heart and her life, Sienna needs to decide if it was the army that was the problem or her late husband. Is Nick worth the heartache of being a military spouse again? And will he be able to protect her from the ring of drug dealers slowly closing in?

Our Review

Another enjoyable read from Samantha.Fast paced read from cover to cover.Enjoyable like-able characters easy to relate to.The story had a little bit of everything mystery, romance a touch of erotica.

My favorite character would have to be Nick a fierce soldier who was injured during the line of duty.Nick was a generous loving individual also kind who had and abundance of patience .Nick is in love with his best friends wife.Not wanting to come between them he keeps his feelings to himself. You felt his pain being torn between giving up your friend you considered brother and perusing his own feelings for Sienna who he suspects feels the same way as he does.I love how Nick finally took the bull by the horns and finally went after what he wanted taking no for an answer.Sometimes you just need to shake things up a bit and give someone a nudge out of there comfort zone but in a loving and caring way.

Sienna was a military wife and nurse who was really no more than a trophy wife.Physically and mentally abused she is at lowest point in her life.No longer in love with he husband and  seeking divorce her husband dies in an accident leaving her relieved and guilty at the same time.You really feel bad for Sienna she's torn thinking she must feel something for her husband but does not.I was glad to see Sienna assert herself.She was really trying hard to create a new and happy life for herself.Does she finally act on the sparks that are there with Nick or not ?

Love is never easy.This couple had a lot of ups and downs.They both are trying to come to grips with there feelings for each other and now someone is out to hurt Sienna. Why she is a nobody? Sienna husband Rob had many secrets that she new nothing about.Those secrets are now putting her in danger.Danger is now lurking at every corner for this couple.

This story always had something going on in it.Little bit of mystery and romance and secrets coming to life.Shocking secrets that change ones life.Loved being on Nick and Sienna's adventure with them.A touching love story.You felt sad for Sienna and Nick it must be really hard for them not to feel guilty for not crying over there loss of Rob.Nick's heartache at not being broken up at his longtime friend death.His guilt at knowing your best friend was doing unspeakable things to his wife and never stepping in.This was a rocky romance for this couple  with so many complications.

I was hoping  for a happy ever ending for this couple.I really liked both character's and wanted them to be happy.The couple had so much to overcome.The guilt they felt for Rob and what they might have done different.Sienna feelings about not wanting to love a soldier and entering that kind of life again.Do you take a chance hoping things with be different this time? Do you give up your new found independence to enter back into a relationship with a domineering man again?Do you let go of the past and take what is offered a chance at a family and happiness or give it up because your afraid ? Nick and Sienna make a great couple if only they can both overcome the past and trust in each other and live long enough to find out...

What a fast paced sweet romance with tons of intrigue really hot sex scenes and intriguing characters to read about.A recommended read to all those who love contemporary romance and hot Military men.

As always looking forward to see what Samantha will dream up next for us to read in her next novel.

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