Thursday, September 14, 2017

Blog Tour & Giveaway for Betrayed ET Book One by Joy Spraycar

ET Book One
by Joy Spraycar
Genre: YA SciFi

If Valcor Sentorum can bring back more girls than his predecessor, General Labaam, he’ll have set himself up to become the next President of Dactilt. That’ll put an end to those meddling Ventician women for good! Of course, only if no one finds out where he’s been or what he’s found. But once he lands on Earth, someone changes all his aspirations.

Loreen Baccarin would give anything to go back and undo the last year and a half. Never trust a man, especially not a Dactiltian! Now she’s been banished from Venticia until she can redeem herself, spending the last eight months stuck on Earth and waiting for a Dactiltian ship to land. When one does, all the hatred she’d been holding inside boils to the surface, and she’s determined to unleash it on the poor sap who’s arrived outside of town. 
But when she reaches the ship, she comes face to face with the person she thought she’d never see again…

Her husband!
Betrayed excerpts

The hood figure waved its hand, and the coverings floated to the ground. The stand – dark and gloomy – enticed Valcor.Yes, this feels right. Just what he’d hoped for. Ratty black drapes hung from the ceiling. A tall cabinet filled with bottles of colored liquids stood in the corner. Tables were piled with old books in odd colors. Some looked like reptile skin while others had fur. A couple shimmered like the evil eye Valcor wore on his chest.In the back, shelves lined with jars drew his attention. Pickled eyes. Brains. What was a coranthination?Small trinkets were scattered amongst the mess, and a mug of wands sat on a shelf. Something drew Valcor’s gaze. Something half hidden by books and papers, but he couldn’t look away. Could it be? “Is that a…a flute?” He stepped closer.A bony hand stopped his progress, and the hood shook back and forth.“I can pay.”

Her heart hammered. He was right outside! She should leap out of the trash bin and beat him to a bloody pulp. Kill him for turning her in.The gentle beeping as Valcor flipped open the screen reached into her metal prison.“Valcor here.”That deep bass voice burrowed deep into her soul and brought tears to her eyes, or was it the methane and hydrogen sulfide gasses of decomposition burning them?The melodies of his love songs played inside her mind. The times she’d thought he was pouring out his heart and soul in rhythmic lines and tunes. Those low notes that sent shivers of appreciation up her spine.She’d missed that. Missed the comfort of lying beside him, her hand completely dwarfed by his larger one.  Why did he turn on me?

Valcor slid his left foot completely free of its bindings. She should have used separate ropes. “I’m in the army. I think I know when we’re at war.”“But you didn’t…we didn’t…Ahhh…” She pushed her fingers into that luscious hair, and he longed to do the same.“To tell the truth, I was injured pretty badly. I don’t remember the war myself.”“What?” She turned, and an unreadable expression crossed her face. “So how do you know what happened?”“Let’s just say that they brought me up to speed when I got better.” “Interesting.” She took another step forward. He needed her to come closer. “So out there in the woods, why did you chase me?”“Because…” He raised one eyebrow. “Come closer and let me show you.”She pushed the blaster against his chest. “Is this close enough?”He smiled. “Yes, it is!”

Joy Spraycar lives in Utah at the base of the Rocky Mountains. She has always had a vivid imagination and told stories, not always to the amusement of those around her. Since she was young, she enjoyed bringing stories to life and sharing them with others. 

However, her decided career lead her down many paths before finally setting her back where she began, putting pen to paper.

She enjoys writing about life the way she wishes it was, men who aren't afraid to show their feelings (What girl doesn't want that?) and romance in many different settings. She also loves her characters to have adventures, and face peril. 

She hopes that you enjoy her Young Adult and New Adult Romances.

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