Friday, June 30, 2017

Book Review for Two Beasts: A Dark Fairytale Menage Romance

Two Beasts: A Dark Fairytale Menage Romance

by: Dark Angel

 3 stars

Reviewed by : Angels With Attitude Book Reviews

Format : Kindle Edition

Published by : Naughtey Angel Publishing

Source: ARC Copy

Gene:Erotica Romance  

Two beasts. One beauty.
This fairytale is about to get filthy.

I was sold by my wicked stepmother to two men.
Once a spoiled princess - now I'm cuffed and chained to a bed.
Held prisoner by two alpha males whose very presence makes me squirm with desire.
Both Nathan and Vincent are princes. They've forged an alliance with our kingdom. My people get peace. 
They get me.

But first, they need to train me.

Now, when they tell me to sink to my knees, I obey. 
When they kiss me, I tremble with lust. 
When they touch me, I moan with pleasure.

So when my stepmother reveals the real reason behind giving me away, I have a decision to make in who to help.
My kingdom. 
Or my two beasts.

Which will I choose? 

**Come enter a world of modern fairytales in this full-length standalone romance by Dark Angel. No cheating or cliffhangers but it's going to contain very mature themes with scorching scenes. HEA? Always.**

Lets say this is one of my favorite authors who really writes super hot erotica novels and we love them.I wanted to really love this story I could not get into.I didn't liked the characters they didn't grab me.I think for me what turned me off the most was the relationship the two princes had.They pretty much hated each other and they were to shared one wife? A threesome realtionship is hard enough but when you add hate and jealousies into it how is all going to work.

There was no doubt that there was some really strong chemistry between Isadora ,Nathan and Vincent and the sex between them was hot as hell.But,for me I just didn't like the fact that Nathan and Vincent never worked as a team or unit .I felt that they went on to win Isadora affection separately instead of together.I realize that this was not a love match and the match was made to create peace of three nations but more me there needed to be some kind of common ground among them all and not just about sex.

Then the royal bedding ceremony turned me totally off completely.

Not my favorite story but the writer continues to write really hot erotica novels that we love and the sex scenes were super hot and steamy that can make any girls panties damp.This one was not my cup of tea but there will be plenty other that do.

3 stars from us

Dark Angel is actually two dirty angels who got together to write some filthy words. 

Lana Angel, who writes under the Naughty Angel umbrella, writes dark romance under her own pen name as well as Dark Angel. 

Alexis Angel, writes erotic contemporary romance under a variety of names - she's forgotten them all at this point.

They both write under Naughty Angel publishing and wanted to create a pen name to provide exclusive content with much more mature themes than the happy go lucky hot stuff found under the other pen names!

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