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Book Review for Fear The Beard by lani lynn vale

Fear The Beard
by lani lynn vale
Reviewed by: Angels
Format: Kindle

Published: lani lynn vale and Amazon Digital
Source: ARC
Genre: MC Romance,Romance,Erotica,
Bad Boys

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Tally is a twenty-year-old single mother struggling to finish nursing school. Has she made mistakes in life? Sure, but her daughter isn’t one of them. She works hard, she studies even harder, and she’s only a few weeks away from graduating.
She’s living her life the best she knows how when she witnesses a near miss motorcycle accident between a car and a biker. A biker that happens to be the most talked about teacher at her college.

The moment she meets those startling blue, narrowly-escaped-death eyes, she realizes quickly that life as she knows it has changed. No longer will she be content to let life pass her by, even if it puts everything she’s worked so hard for in jeopardy.


Tommy is a highly skilled doctor. A teacher. A veteran. A fully-patched member of The Dixie Wardens MC. He’s lonely, but also set in his ways. What will it take for this man to accept that he needs to make some changes in his life? Apparently, it’ll take a guy in a truck, who’s preoccupied with his phone rather than focused on the road, nearly plowing into him on his bike at seventy miles per hour. Oh, and a twenty-something year old nursing student witnessing the entire thing from only a few feet away.

It only takes a second, a single heartbeat in time, as he looks into her worry-filled eyes to realize that he’d give anything for a single night with her. He may lose his job in the process, but after that one incredible night turns into an amazing weekend, he knows it’s worth the risk for the promise of her forever.

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Tally and Tommy

Let's start off by saying this is a new author  for us and we are so glad to have come across her works.As we are totally in love with this authors books now. OMG what an Awesome read!I loved it ! It was one of those feel good stories that have you smiling throughout it.

I have to say that I was hooked right from the very beginning and could not put the book down until it was finished,I just loved all the character;s.I loved all their different personalities as they added a ton of humor and quite a few laughs to the story.I constantly felt myself laughing and smiling the entire time throughout the story.I loved that Tally was a strong women struggling to create a life for herself and that of her daughter.I loved the plot's romance aspect and how it focused on a single working mom going to school while having and infant daughter .As she was juggling with that of a job,school and raising a daughter on her own and dealing with her relationship with Tommy the Biker/Teacher.I loved how Tommy perused Tally because he admired her strength and that of her beauty.

I love reading MC romance's and this one was so engaging from the beginning .The chemistry this couple had was so amazing they scorched the pages.Their sexual encounters we super hot !

I alway pick a favorite in a story but, this time around I just couldn't pick one so I picked two as there were so many things I loved about them both.I found Tally to be quick witted,strong willed,she had a sense of humor,determination,a big heart,was sweet and caring,had a back bone,and loved with her whole heart and was so protective of her daughter and those she loved.I loved how she and Tommy had this amazing friendship before they became lovers. These two formed an instant connection from the onset but acting on their growing attraction comes with consequences .Their relationship is that of the forbidden kind of that of teacher and student and yet they are having a very hard time keeping their hand off one another.Tally was just one of those characters that you can't help but love and admire she was just so sweet and kind you just wanted to hug her.

Favorite scene with Tally in it was when her and her friends where in a bar and decided to let off steam so they entered a vibrator race.From the beginning of this scene to the ending of it I laughed non stop.

I could not help but fall in love with Tommy from the very beginning.What did that for me was how he totally fell in love with Tally's daughter and never saw that child as a complication to their growing relationship.I found him to be love-able,sexy,kind,possessive,had a sense of humor,was sensitive,smart,caring and could be lethal when he needed to be.I loved that he had the sweet and kind thing going on along with that bad boy vibe.I just loved his interactions with Tally and that of her daughter.And the best of all is that one thought of him can get a girls panties wet. ...(smiles)

Favorite scene with Tommy in it was when he sat their and told Tally that he went and got Tallulah her own shit for his place and how he can't go into a store without picking something up for her all the while of never getting what her went to get in the first place.My heart melted right then and there ...

I loved everything about this story from cover to cover.I loved the plot,the twists it had,the romance and the ups and downs and the complications that a forbidden relationship comes with.I can't wait to pick up more books in this series.This story goes into the keeper pile.I just love it when an author has written as story that you absolutely loved and has you throughout the day thinking back on that story about something that was said or done long after the stories ending.That was me ! Another moving read that touched my heart with the character's they had in it.

Were are giving this story 5 stars!

Lani Lynn Vale is married to the love of her life that she met in high school. She fell in love with him because he was wearing baseball pants. Ten years later they have three perfectly crazy children and a cat named Demon who likes to wake her up at ungodly times in the night. They live in the greatest state in the world, Texas. She writes contemporary and romantic suspense, and has a love for all things romance. You can find Lani in front of her computer writing away in her fictional characters world...that is until her husband and kids demand sustenance in the form of food and drink.

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