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Book Review Claiming Crusher by Jordan Marie


by Jordan Marie
Reviewed by: Angels
Published: Jordan Marie and AmazonDigital
Source: Purchased Copy
Genre: Motorcycle Romance,Erotica Romance,Bad Boys



The moment I saw her I knew I was in trouble. I just didn’t care. 
Once I knock down her walls and get a taste. I know she’s it. 
I’ll have her and no one will get in my way----not even my club. 
She’ trying to run. That won’t happen. 
I’ll use whatever I can just to keep her, even if it is my d**k. 
I’m an expert in making women give me what I want. 
Dani just doesn’t realize who she’s dealing with yet. 
She will. I’ve claimed her… She’s mine. 


I’m running. 
I’m have secrets that will kill me someday. I need to stay ahead of them. 
I run straight into his arms. 
Zander’s trouble. I know, because he sets my body on fire. 
One taste of him and I keep going back, even when I shouldn’t. 
All I need is his body, his touch and his deliciously dirty mouth. 
He’s not mine to claim. 
One more taste and I’ll leave. 
Before my past finds me… 

Our Review

I have to start off by saying that I absolutely love this authors books.I am so glad that I came across her books as we can't  get enough of them.I love both her MC Romance series.

I have to say that I love this particular MC series.This author made it so all the books are read as standalone titles but, act like a series.The stories are all about the Savage Brother MC members and their women.I recommend however reading them as them came out only because I think you get more out of the characters development this way but , reading out of order you still will be able to follow the series easily.I love reading books in series.I love following the characters from book to book.I know that the story focuses on two main characters but, all the other brothers and their girls made this story so much more exciting and fun to read.

When I started reading about these character's Dani was one of my favorites from Breaking Dragon.I was so glad she got her own story.I have to say that Crusher ended up being the perfect match for Dani's wounded soul.I am thinking that although I love all the stories in this series Dani's my favorite of them all.I was rooting from book one that this broken women would find love and happiness at some point in her treacherousness life.

I always pick one character that I love to rave about all the things I liked and loved about them.My pick this time around is Dani.Dani is the type of character that latched on to your heart strings once you start reading her story.Just as she did mine. I am amazed at how Dani survived and endured the treacherousness life she had before she came to the Savage Brother MC.She was an amazingly strong women (previously known as Melinda) to do what she did an not become  just an emotional shell of a person.What happened to her did not totally destroy her just made her stronger.Dani's story was so mind blowing that with every detail we discovered about her the more the tears fell.

I found that she could be funny,sassy,playful when joking with the men at the club.I love how she teased a few of brothers who seemed to allow it .Making you laugh out loud at her antics and choice words. Not all the member's liked Dani and she constantly felt their distrust.Some of the brothers gave her a Nickname the Ice Queen.Anyone who made any attempt to get to know her new that name to be a false one.I admired her for controlling all her emotions and keeping them bottled up.It must have been a full time job for her because every word spoken you new she was living in hell.

Dani came off as a loud mouth,feisty hard a**bitch but,in reality I think that she wasn't any of those things.I think however she needed to become that person just to survive.As the story progresses you catch glimpses of the real Dani but, in a blink of and eye there gone .Making those moments more previous to us.I loved how she was fiercely loyal to those she loved and cared about.I loved her protective nature she had when dealing with the few individuals she let in like Nicole and Crusher
(Zander to her ).

Crusher was the perfect man for her ,Zander as she calls him . Zander took Dani to task more than once and challenged her something she needed in her life to grow and heal.She needed a man who pushed her to make her feel something other than pain.

Favorite quotes

This is Dani speaking!My favorite quote showing her sense of humor and fierceness when first meeting Dragon.

"Hello there,Tall Dark and Do-Me-All over."

Can you just picture this tiny little thing looking up at this fierce looking bada** biker appraising him for head to toe saying this .I laughed out loud and couldn't stop laughing. 

Crusher & Dragon discussion lead to another favorite quote.

"She's got trouble written all over her,"Dragon replies."Yeah but what a trip.Some things are with the trouble man,".

How could I not fall in love with Zander after saying that about Dani that she was worth loving .(sigh)Crusher is the type of man you should be very afraid of.One look in his direction and your brain flashes Danger Beware.Top that off and he has one heck of a sexual appetite that is known all to well throughout the club to share his women.It will take a special women to tame the beast.I personally think that Dani is up for the challenge .I know Dani is the one to make this fierce biker fall just like his other brothers. Zander will not be able to stop himself from loving this broken women as she has all the traits he has always wanted in a women .I loved how Zander/Crusher interacted with Dani with patience and kindness knowing that this was not really his style he was more hard edge.Being with Dani brings out his caring and softer side his protective instincts.With this being said it makes all their interactions more endearing and heart felt because its so out of character for Zander. Loved these moments (sigh)I liked Zander giving Dani a nickname ,he names her Hellcat which fits her to the tee.This nickname was more of and endearment that meant something and it was only for her. This making Dani feel special.When Zander spoke the nickname it made Dani feel things instead of keeping all her emotions locked up inside her.I loved seeing that side of her .Crusher was so hot in and out of bed that he made my heart speed up a bit with his dirty talk and dominate nature.I loved Zander's playful manner in bed .Wow ! Can you say fanning myself and smiling! 

I loved following Zander and Hellcat's journey on falling in love.I also enjoyed seeing this couple heal as the story went along just by being together and loving each other with such a fierce passion.This story was a page turner that filled you with all kinds of emotions and feelings.There is so much going on throughout the story club drama,clan rivals wanting them dead creating danger for its members and their families.This story also dealt with abuse rape torture both physical and emotional.The plot dealt with love ,laughter,healing,pain with a bit of suspense making it even more of and enjoyable read.It helped me to connect with the characters I was reading about as you could not but help feel their pain.My heart ached for Dani.I shed more than a few tears when reading this story.I felt connected to them which I love and that with the added element of erotica and you had a super hot read.

Another keeper and a recommended read.We are giving this read 5 stars and recommend you check out the other books in the series as well. 

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About Author

Jordan Marie is the alter ego of a small town country girl. She released her first book in January of 2015 and has been blown away by the amazing support. She's grateful for each and every reader that has taken the time to read her stories and in the process get to know the men and women that live in her mind. She likes to create a book that takes you on an emotional journey whether tears, laughter (or both) or just steamy hot fun (or all 3). She loves to connect with readers. 

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