Saturday, November 26, 2016

Cover Reveal! Mage of Legend by Jennifer Amiruss

Dimensional Rifters were nothing but legends.
Until now...
Ages ago, one of the old gods threw the last Ivari into a dimensional prison. She was too powerful to kill, and too dangerous to let roam free. But her vault was lost.
A Spoiled King and A Skilled Hunter.
After an explosion sends Xastrian, the new Dragon King, into death, he awakes with a kiss from a beautiful stranger. Now he owes Velithor a life debt, but he wants so much more. He will get that elf to look him in the eyes for a soul-bond if it kills him, and when he finds they are trapped with a crazed Ivari bent on using him as a vehicle for her escape, it very well may. But soul-bonding with the shy, resourceful hunter would be worth anything. Even a death he won't wake from.
Trapped and Hunted.
Xastrian must rely on Velithor’s knowledge of the forest. Velithor must help Xastrian regain his power. And one of them must tap into the magic of legend to become a dimensional rifter before the Ivari drives Xastrian mad and ruins their chances of ever finding their way home.
Reading Order
  • Mage of Legend
  • Lurir- Going Home (Short Story)- COMING SOON!
  • Dragon Court- COMING SOON!
Dragon Highlands Book 1.
This side duology to the Kings of Kal'brath series is set in the same universe where Mother, the sentient planet, cradles the races of three parallel worlds: Adradis of the elves and other magical races where the continent of Kal'brath resides, Earth of the magicless humans, and Morka of the magic-negating bashkai. If you loved the Kal'brath books, this duology brings back Velithor for more fun, romance, and gripping adventure.
These light fantasy romps are sure to be favorites you will want to read again and again.
Mage of Legend is an M/M Fantasy Adventure Romance.