Thursday, September 8, 2016

Book Review for Day of Reckoning (Shadow Warriors #2) by Stephen England

Day of Reckoning Shadow
 Warriors Book 2 

By Stephan England

5 stars
Reviewed by : Tonya

Format : Kindle Edition

Published by :Stephen England

Source: Purchased Copy

Gene: Mystery Thriller  


For CIA Paramilitary Harry Nichols, deceit has become a way of life. Fifteen years in the Clandestine Service have left him weary, recovering from a devastating betrayal. Little does he know...the betrayals have only begun.

Our Review

Well what can I say other than I absolutely loved it. I have really come to have a deep respect for the main character Harry Nichols in the Shadow Warrior series. The hard decisions he has to make while protecting our country from terrorists. The consequences he lives with daily from those choices. The regrets, the sadness, the pain, the betrayals but most of all the losses.

Author Stephen England has once again woven a captivating and yes spellbinding story that sucks you in and holds you prisoner until the very end. You can't put the book down because each new chapter, each new turn of the page brings yet another twist to the most complicated, dangerous and the most important mission Harry has ever been forced to undertake. And just when you think you have this figured out, you don't.

Harry is on the run, he is charged with protecting DCIA David Lays daughter's life, not by choice, by forced necessity. He is hunted like a criminal and everyone, even former members of his own team, are hunting him. Old members are drug into this, new characters are brought in all the while Harry is trying to protect and divert a possible terrorist attack on American soil and find out who set this entire nightmare into motion.

I have absolutely loved every book in this series, I can't say enough how much I recommend not just this series but any book written by author Stephen England writes. They are top notch and match any of the top authors in the spy thriller, terrorist thriller genre.

I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

About the Author

December 08




Stephen England is the author of the bestselling Shadow Warriors thrillers, including Amazon's #1 Bestselling Political Thriller, Pandora's Grave, and its long-awaited sequel, Day of Reckoning--a novel hailed as "the perfect spy thriller for our time--chaotic, cynical, with only a few good men keeping the barbarians from the gate."

Drawing upon nearly a decade of research into the nature of Islam, the Middle East, espionage and counterterrorism operations, England's work has drawn praise for breathing new life into the genre with the hard-edged, unsparing realism of his portrayal of the war on terror, the people who wage it, and the moral and psychological costs exacted of those who take the war to the enemy where he lives. "Soldiers without uniforms. Fighting a war without end. Shadow warriors. . ."

The short stories NIGHTSHADE and TALISMAN round out the Shadow Warriors series, and England's work also includes the stand-alone historical adventure novel, Sword of Neamha.