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Book Review for Reviving Haven By Cory Cyr

Reviving Haven

By Cory Cyr

4 stars
Reviewed by : Tonya
Format : Kindle Edition,Paperback
Published by : CreateSpace Independent Platform Publishing
Source: Purchased Copy
Gene: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance 




The only man Haven Wells ever loved left her

 broken, feeling emotionally battered and

 imperfect. Seven years later she's found solace

 in the bookstore she owns, finding love

 between the pages of the books she reads

. Haven has adapted to a life without love or

 men, living vicariously through her best friend

 and roommate.

He's Perfect. Just ask him. Latch McKay is

 gorgeous, rich and successful. A famous

 graphic designer, he's well known for the video

 games he creates. However, he's also known

 for the trail of women he leaves behind. Latch

 is the walking, talking definition of wanton sex.

When Latch sees Haven at a party it's lust at

 first sight. A night of intoxicated passion leaves

 him wanting her so much he's almost willing to

 give up his man-whore crown. Haven has no

 idea why this gorgeous and much younger man

 wants her. After two weeks of Latch stalking

 her...his version of wooing — Haven has tried

 everything to make him go away. 

But, Latch doesn't give up, and Haven finally

 agrees to one date. If Latch can break through

 Haven's walls, he just might have a chance to

 keep her. Unfortunately Latch has a secret of

 his own. As Haven's walls begin to crumble, 

Latch's dark secret begins to emerge.

Our Review

This is the third book of author Cory Cyr's that I have read and I swear each one I read I love more than the one before it. Is that really possible - yes it is.

The characters in this book Latch, Haven, Weezie & Keenan, these are the main characters are all just lovable each in their own way.

First you have Weezie the roommate with a mouth like a sailor but would be there no matter what - just luv her.

Then there is Keenan he is a model, best friend and ass kicker when need be. Gorgeous, any girls dream.

Then there is the main lady Haven, damaged, beautiful and doesn't know it, heart of gold and has a secret cougar in her just waiting to come out. And when it does oh lordy watch out. But she has a secret, one that could be the end of everything, or could it? Her past holds much pain, an abusive ex which causes her much to overcome. 

Finally there is in my opinion the hottest, most gorgeous, oozing sexyness, sex-on-a-stick man ever, some call him a manwhore but OH MY GAWD I won't lie - I would be chasing him down and well yeah!!!!! But Latch is broken, he has a dark side, one he tries to hide (typical of any addict) and when it comes out watch out, you don't want to be in his path. 

Latch and Haven see each other at a party and what happens out by the pool, oh heck a girl could only dream. WOW - so warning here folks - ladies - yeah best be reading this while taking a cold bath, or two, or three.

The characters are so well built, the author provides every detail you need, you don't have to close your eyes to picture them, she pulls them right out of the pages for you and places them before you - you become part of the story - watching everything unfold.

As a relationship builds between Latch and Haven, there are forces at work, pulling them from each end. I kept waiting for the bomb to drop, between slutty Krystella (OH I DON'T LIKE HER) claw her eyes out if I ever ran into her LOL, to Latch's mother (yikes meanie) to someone from Haven's past. It seems like as hard as they try its doomed to fail.

And when things spiral out of control, when the pieces shatter, what happens is not what I was expecting. Oh I love Haven but I was yelling at her I won't lie. Dang it woman don't give up.... This man has demons, what he did was horrendous, bad ones but if you love him.... And I was rooting for Latch, bad boy, manwhore, damaged Latch. I wanted him to win... What he did, does, is wrong, so very wrong, utterly, horribly, unthinkably, unforgivably wrong... Or is it??? I am rooting for them.....

I won't tell you if Haven and Latch get their Happily Ever After. But I will tell you that you are going to laugh, your eyes are going to pop out and you will be like OMG No he didn't, you are going to cry, you are going to yell. You are going to go through a range of emotions reading this book.

But most of all you are going to absolutely love it. The good, the bad, the ugly, it is a really good read. 

Cory - I LOVED IT - now come on Rug Burn........ 

Side Note - there is a scene in here that some may find distasteful, disgusting, horrendous, etc. But please remember it is just a book - it is fiction, it is not real. If you go into it with that mentality then you will enjoy the book.

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About the Author

I began writing music and poetry at an early age. My love of music became my sole focus, and I spent quite a few years as the lead singer for many local rock bands. In high school, I was fascinated with the macabre and started writing science fiction and horror stories so dark they earned me the nickname "Gory Cory."
After years of writing dark tales, I never thought in a million years my first two finished manuscripts would be Adult Romance.
I am a devout vegan as well as an animal lover. I collect antique weapons and crosses(I still have that dark-side).
My books are ALL ADULT 18+ Bite & Release(My 1st book) was published 5/31/14

Other books coming soon:
Reviving Haven 7/31/14
Acquiesce 12/30/14
The Reason I Breathe(Bite & release 2) 7/2015
RUG BURNS(Weezie's POV) 10/16/2015
Secret project April 2016
SnaTCH October 2016


You can find me:
Email: coyrcyr.author@gmail.com
Facebook: Author Cory D. Cyr