Saturday, April 18, 2015

Book Review for Clarity by B.L. Wilde


By B.L. Wilde 

5 stars
Reviewed by : Tonya
Format : Kindle Edition
Published by : B.L. Wilde
Source: Purchased Copy
Gene:  Contemporary,Short Stories ,Fiction


When you find a love worth fighting for,

 nothing can stand in your way.
Jade Phillips is that love for me, and I’d follow

 her to the end. I’ll stop at nothing to make her

 happy, including doing everything in my

 power to make her mine for eternity.

She is my clarity

You’ve read Jade’s side of the story, now

 Oliver gets his turn…

Our Review

What can I say but the ever amazing B.L. Wilde has done it again. Oliver, oh Oliver you are sexier than ever in this book. I loved being able to see your side of this love affair between you and Jade. Where she is weak you are strong and vice versa. This story doesn't fail as a matter of fact it really brings a whole new side to this amazing story. If you have read any or all of the books in this series then you know the sex scenes in this are down right sizzling. And boy oh boy is Jade one lucky woman!!!! That Oliver is just dripping hotness.

I love that Jade is now in charge of those who used to be in charge of her. But most of all I love that Oliver proved that he would do anything to keep Jade in his life. I love that this book goes back to some of the steamiest moments and shares them from Oliver Kirkham's point of view. How he saw Jade, his description of the moment. To some of the scarier parts of this story. How he felt and would do for her. Lord this man is a gift to women for sure, okay, okay so he belongs to Jade but a girl can dream right.....

Trust me when I say this story is well worth the 5 stars I am giving it